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Alex The Hydreigon

:angel:~I welcome you!~:angel:
Howdy! Names Alex. I also go by Hydreigon, Princey, Lixir, Prin, and Lex! I just wanna thank you for stopping by, even though I'm not always active. This is a safe page for everyone, and I'll always try and support you no matter what! If you're followed, then welcome to Team Hydreigon! (This might change later)
;)~A little about me~;)
I am an artist who enjoys drawing digitally, and also a part time twitch streamer! I do a bunch of different games, and mainly play Minecraft with a bunch of other cool people! Other things about me are:
-I go by they/them pronouns
-I play the ukulele and draw a bunch!
-i have 2 pets, one cat and one lizard!
-roleplay? Say less~
-frogs and bees my beloved
-I thrive to be an engineer!
If you want to know my twitch or other platforms, feel free to hit me with a DM, or if you just need a person to talk to, I'm all ears my friends ♥
:)~How I found the site~:)
I was looking for a trainer card maker one night, being bored out of my mind. The first result came up as "PokéCharms". I had no idea what that was, so I looked at it. It brought me to this amazing card maker, and I was pretty happy with what I found! Once I was happy with an outcome, I took a screenshot, but then right after, I saw a "Save to profile" button. I pressed it and it said to sign up, so did. When I got on, I immediately got an alert. It was welcome, from @TooBlue12. I then found out about the creative corner. The next morning, I got right to work, making art for others on the internet and to show off my improvement!

Heyy! I have a Discord!: PrinceyLixir#2022

Thank you all so much for your support and 125+ Followers!!!
March 29
Lost in a Timeless Void
Non-binary (They/Them)
Favourite Pokémon
Hydreigon, Lugia, Zecrom and Vaporeon
Favourite Pokémon Move
Dragon Claw, Brave Bird, Infero
Impetuous and silly




I am full of PRIDE!
No one can tell this chick otherwise~


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