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I was hacked and now banned. I'm done with this site. I'm quitting and never coming back. And ya know, I only wanted to use this site to create trainer cards, and I met amazing people with an outstanding staff. And I'll say one more thing, Goodbye forever. (I'm crying right now for realz). and I better get off this site now because the staff probably hates my for a hacker knowing my e-mail... no you can't have it. Okay then see-ya...
P.S. I have no interest in this site. Subscribe to my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTyftyktPr1dAJSI20UtKng (AngryBirdKid) and Watch my Deviantart: http://angrybirdkid.deviantart.com/ (AngryBirdKid on DeviantArt) . if you hate me and are glad i left, like probably the entire staff, I will never ever make another AngryBirdKid account, because a hacker knows my e-mail, he made fake accounts to dis me. Goodbye forever and ever.


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