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two words: memes and orange juice. also just read my...... uhhhhh...... Signature? yeah, i think that's it.
Somewhere across the dimensional plain
Favourite Pokémon
all of them. except for FRILLISH. FRILLISH CAN-
Favourite Pokémon Move
Tri Attack
Often lost in thought


Name: Slorpy
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

OwO what's this?

"Each journey starts a new romance." - Jump Up Super Star! (Mario Odyssey)

"Goodbye everyone, see you all at therapy." - Plankton

"life goes on, it gets so heavy, the wheel breaks the butterfly." - Paradise (Coldplay)

"You do you, and i'll do me. And we won't do each other. Probably." -Markiplier

"also just the ducktales moon theme. just that". -Me, on the topic of epic journeys

"the yoshi's island athletic theme too." -Me again

"A real surprise this time. With tragic consequences. And real confetti!" -Glad0s

"With Pokemon and people, treasure every meeting. There may not be another... That's why you have to give it your best during that moment..." -This one girl in front of the pokemon center at Humilau City in Black and White 2

"We need nutrients... And we need chicken." -My Mom, upon thinking of what to spend her money on

You are a:

  • 30% Gamer. You have little interest in Pokémon gaming.
  • 15% Anime-Freak. You have no interest in the Pokémon anime.
  • 30% Pokémon Know-It-All. You have little interest in researching Pokémon.
  • 55% Obsessed. Pokémon is a significant part of your life.
  • 45% Fan-Worker. You have some interest in Pokémon fanwork.
  • 35% Pokémon Fan. You have some interest in Pokémon.

why would you read this

srsly tho


"Ra Ra Rasputin." - me

are you happy now?
Why would you read these?
Highkey memelord, is cool with everything. Philisophical, makes friends easily. Knows some veterinary thingmabobs. Can and will scronch. Really smart. Kinda all-knowing, but y'know. Knows about as much as the average RPer. That includes thoughts, and gender and names. Asks anyway.
Usual joltik, except wears a swadloon cloak or mood ring.

Sorta shy, is a really good friend. Will become one of those girls in 7th grade that aren't really in the popular group, but still have a small group of quirky friends (i have no idea what i'm talking about but hopefully you'll get it) if you befriend her. Introverted. Embarrassed about being shiny, but is more comfortable around other shinies. Nervous 24/7. Drinks like a a monster, but only if you let her.
Looks like a shiny phantump, but don't bring it up.

Alot like Beep, without the veterinary thing, and the memelord. Unlike his name, cannot puff up due to a hole on his back. Has sort of a trippy aura around him, which is weird. He doesn't know why.
Use qwilfish but with calm. starry eyes.

Extroverted at certain times of the day. Rare genetic disease, causing him to be cold-blooded. will talk to you. kinda sassy. Talks with a stutter.
Swadloon with one leaf-ear bitten off.

Would be extroverted, but unfortunately can't talk, due to the lack of a mouth. Hears things really well, And is a softie. kinda RaNDeM XD humor.
Regular Carbink.

Grouchiest being you will ever see. Also one of those 'emo characters'. Hates everyone, but if you somehow get to be friends with her, she doesn't change much, but will talk to you, so that's a plus.
Shiny roggenrola.

They all know Beep. For some reason.



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