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    Ideas for a new pokemon game

    Ok, I feel that I giving an idea within the realm of actual possiblity, so here it goes. You guys can still give me an opinion on the idea. So, first off, the game would work as a third person-action RPG. Less in the vain of Kingdom Hearts and more FF15 or Spectrobes(if anyone remembers that...
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    Your most anticipated games for 2013

    For me, I'm hoping SSB4 comes out this year...stretching the word "hope". But other games I'm looking foward to are: Amnesia: Machine of Pigs Grand Theft Auto 5 Metal Gear Solid V (which I doubt comes out this year but whatever) Pokemon X/Y Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Watch_Dogs
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    Worst Games of 2012

    We all remember the great games from last year, but which ones did you guys just completely despise or hate? Remember to respect each others opinions no matter how much you loved the game they just bashed. WarZ: I think everyone can on how horrible this game was. Not only was it not finished...
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    Your school and/or work hours?

    A senior in high school here, hours being from 9:10 to 3:45 (except on wednesday's when it's until 2:45. I also work at a GameStop Friday-Sunday from 5-9. It's an ok job, but my boss is the strictest killjoy who makes me feel like he'll fire me at a moment's notice...
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    Disappointments, Bad Ideas and Wasted Potential

    I've got some new ones since the te last time I posted: Final Fantasy XIII-2 There is truly no reason for this game to exist. NO one asked for it, although it was Square's apology letter for FFXIII for being way too linear. And in that respect, FFXIII-2 did great. It was open and grand, with...
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    Reynald's Art Emporium

    :D :D :D That is almost exactly how I imagined my character!! Great job! ^_^
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    Hunger Games RP

    I've only read the first book so far, but I LOVED it. My favorite young-adult book next to Pendragon. Anyway, I'd like to join if it's not to late. I can give my character too if it's all right. Name: Lucas Mars Gender: Male District: 9 Height: 5'10 Weight: 151 lb. Age: 17 Hair: Brown Eyes...
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    Disappointments, Bad Ideas and Wasted Potential

    Sorry, I was thinking back to a video that mentioned that Factor 5 made the sound effects for Pokemon Stadium games (like the pokemon cries and attack noises.)
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    Disappointments, Bad Ideas and Wasted Potential

    I have quite afew: Pokemon Battle Revolution With FACTOR 5 shut down, The Pokemon Stadium games were no more. So when Nintendo made a new Wii pkmn arena game AND THEN MARKETED AS ANOTHER POKEMON STADIUM, I was stoked!... ...Then i actually played it It was boring, slow, and very repetitive. my...
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    Gender and Sexual Identity

    I would consider myself a biromantic heterosexual cisgender(?) I have never really dated a guy, but i remember in 6th grade kissing one as a dare, and not even hesitating to do it. The guy I kissed was mostly flustered since he was still contemplating it. However, now in highschool, I don't...
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    Your Most Difficult/Easiest Legendary Capture

    The easiest capture for me was back in Emerald when I fought Groudon. One turn, threw a great ball as a joke, and it caught it when in the yellow zone. O.O I remember laughing becuase I was expecting hours of widdling it down. The hardest had to be a tie between Mewtwo in Firered and Regigigas...
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    Cross-overs you'd like to See

    If Square used the same mechanics from Dissidia, then maybe a Square Enix vs. Namco Bandai would be possible :) I also thought of a Sony all-stars type of fighting game. Imagine Kratos vs. Nathan Drake or Sackboy vs. Rachet and Clank.
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    So Someone Linked Me To This

    I'm straight, with a cute looking girlfriend to boot, but I have no problems with gays. My hyper-active, yet hilarious friend is gay. Unfortunatly, my mother is very religious and believes being gay is wrong. :( I try reasoning with her, but she is stubborn in those beliefs, although the...
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    Cross-overs you'd like to See

    I made a topic like this a while ago, but I think it's been long enough to safely bring it up. Since games like Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros, and FF Dissidia have come out, what other video game crossovers would you like to see in the future? I'd like to see maybe a Shonen Jump fighting...
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    Most wanted Super Smash Bros 4 newcomers.

    I think as far as big Nintendo characters go, The President from Pikmin 2 should be in there, as well as The Boy/Girl from Animal Crossing. Who would want to see ten year olds smashing faces with shovels? :P As for guest characters, Maybe Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes. Sure, they'd have...