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Captain Cardboard

Good lord, I've been on this site for a while, and am just now setting this up. Anyways, if you're reading this, ya probably want to know a little about me.

The name's Captain Cardboard! It was Cardboard Shinobi, but I thought that name was kinda difficult to shorten, so I changed it. Before that, I was called Robingogo. I thought that name was dumb.

I am a ninja, with the coolest cardboard armor in the world! I spend my days training in my cardboard dojo, practicing with my cardboard katana and cardboard kunai.

I bet you'd never have guessed, but I'm a fan of Pokemon. Just a wee fan. Ya know. Enough to join a RP site in order to write stories about Pokemon OCs. Ya know. How ya do. I'm not that great of a writer, and a bit slow, but I try. I usually try for at least, at LEAST one post a day. Hopefully more if my time allows. But nowadays I just try to get in posts when I can.

I'm a big fan of Pokemon, Yugioh, Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, and manga and anime in general. I also love the outdoors, and reading. I like to read all types of fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thrillers, Adventure, Murder Mysteries, all the works. I also enjoy high adventure trips, like rock climbing and camping. Also, Star Wars, Star Trek, and most movies in general. I also like old, cringy B-rated movies as well. They make me laugh, and sometimes they're not all that bad. I suppose that's enough for now.
Feb 28, 1999 (Age: 25)
Cardboard storage
Favourite Pokémon
Well... ALL OF THEM, or Rapidash, Eevee, Absol, Plusle... AND MORE!!!
Favourite Pokémon Move
Slashing type moves, like Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, etc..
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