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Chunky Ramen

At this point, This account will probably only be used for tests and such. Current Project(s): Veil (light novel ed., the manga is on another platform I'm too lazy to get a link to...) And possibly the manga adaptation to an RP I was in months ago. (And I'm already shuddering from the cringe.)
Anime/Manga I've finished:
Konosuba - God's Blessing on This Wonderful World (anime +movie)
Naruto (I'm still reading Shippuden)
Attack on Titan
My Hero Academia
Death Note
Dr. STONE (anime)
JoJo's Bizzare Adventure (Parts 1 + 2)
Demon Slayer (anime)
Mob Psycho 100
One Punch Man

I'm sure there's more I don't remember, but yeah.
October 18
A manga store
Often lost in thought


So many things to rewrite, but I just wanna play some CS:GO and not have to think about colleges and school and what's due tomorrow. It stacks up and it's starting to run me over.
KANA-BOON is the superior Japanese Pop band and u can't change my mind.


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