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  • Hey mind if i join your Hoenn RP (fav pokemon game :3) if i can join here is the info

    name: Leo Ender
    age: 12
    sex: Male
    first pokemon: Sandile/Starter: Mudkip
    Starter region: Hoenn
    Home town: Petalburg City
    something extra: always loved ground or rock pokemon but loved water just as much and that is why he picked mudkip
    I forgot the last ones sorry XD
    looks like: full black with a cool green design on it with purple hair and has a sandile with him at all times (his FIRST sandile) with a belt that that has only blue pokeballs
    reason for being in hoenn: One of my family members are in the elite four so yeah

    I hope this is good for you if you need more just ask me
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