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Draco Gengar

I'm very knowledgeable about Pokemon especially the Sinnoh region. I prefer to use Dragon type Pokemon even though they are rare and very hard to evolve (most evolving into there final form around level 50). I'm now working on a project creating a light type for Pokemon basing it off on Ampharos and if I can find a way I will send it to the Pokemon company. I'm a full fledged Pokemon trainer and I have many ideas for new Pokemon.
Jan 31, 2000 (Age: 23)
In your dreams
Favourite Pokémon
Favourite Pokémon Move
Dream Eater (after using Hypnosis of course)


Fear da Gengar
Friend Code: 5129 - 3546 - 4171
I also recently joined Smogon (Aphro Dracogar)
You can find me on Pokemon Showdown under that name as well


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