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Hi? So... I'll introduce myself...
I'm Mr Carrot and I love Pokemon!
I have loved it for way too many years of my life and today I thought, 'Hey why not get back into role play?' So i looked through the internet and stumbled into this site. And it seems pretty good so far!
I have already posted my first thread:
And as you can tell, my role plays have never been for the fainthearted. Back in my Amino role play days i was known to be one of the better role players on there, so let's see if i can prove that on here too!
Jun 12, 2000 (Age: 23)
Favourite Pokémon
Loves to eat


Name: Prescott Harmenta

Age: 21

Height: 6’2”

Gender: Male

Personality: He can be seen as harsh, but most of the time it's the truth. He doesn't hold back from commenting on something if he feels like it's necessary. You will have to talk to him yourself to find out any more.

Appearance: Tall, Thin and as pale as snow. He has ocean blue eyes and has white hair. He commonly wears a light blue cape which comes over his left arm. He also has a white short sleeved shirt, a light blue tie and light blue skinny trousers.

Sexuality: 'Unknown'

Hometown: Olvine City (Johto) - Moved to Undella Town (Unova)

Backstory: He was originally from the Johto region before moving to Unova due to his dad’s work. But he had always wished that he could be a gym leader. But unfortunately he never got the position as all of the slots were full. It wasn't until 2 years later after the Team Plasma attack did the gym leaders decided to add more gyms to the region, and increase the regions gym leader defences. He however was beaten in the fight against Marlon to become the new water gym leader, causing him to set himself on a quest to become a gym leader in another region. He has had one best friend in his life which helped him believe in his strength as a trainer, unfortunately he moved away to another region to try and pursue his dream of becoming a gym leader.

How he got here: On his journey to become a water gym leader, he stumbled across the Kalos region, here is where he developed most of his normal battling team and continued to develop his gym leader team. He wanted to be the best and finally achieve his dream of being a leader.

Hobbies: 'Unknown'

Other: 'Unknown'




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