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I am a southern guy. I play a ev trainer in the game. If you need any pokemon info, may it be theory, or fact, ask me. Also, mind reader and shear cold. GG

South will rise again.
The south
A confederate
Favourite Pokémon
Favourite Pokémon Move
Mind reader and sheer cold. Get rekt.
Likes to run


What type am I?

("Just once, I'd like to make a dramatic exit that DOESN'T involve a life-threatening explosion. ")
(James: Quick! It's coming! Dance like an eggplant!)
(Jessie: Prepare for trouble, and a dance!
James: I'm wearing tights instead of pants!)
(Ash: err...my name is...Tom Ato!
Misty: What! err...well...my name is Ann...Chovi
Brock: And my name is Caesar Salad)
("May: Hey! That's my egg!
James of Team Rocket: Ahh! That's my Mime Jr.
Jessie: We're here for Elekid and Pikachu.
James of Team Rocket: TIME OUT!
[James comes running out of Team Rocket's Golem machine]
May: [May runs up to James] I'll trade you.
James of Team Rocket: That sounds like a plan.
May: Here you go!
James of Team Rocket: Thanks.
May, James of Team Rocket: Bye!
James of Team Rocket: Ahh! My Mime Jr is back where it belongs.
May: [Giggling] I got my egg back.
James of Team Rocket: Now Where were we?
Meowth: We were about to take Elekid and Pikachu."
("Jesse: [Jesse, James and Meowth are hanging on to a flying Lugia] We're slowing Lugia down, we're too heavy!
James: Let's try Weight Watchers!
Jesse: It's too late for that!
Meowth: I heard it's never too late if you really stick to the program!"
(Misty: Why did all those trainers bow to you?
Kenzo: Because I am the shihan of this dojo.
[Misty and Brock gasp]
Ash Ketchum: Shihan? I think I had that once in a Chinese restaurant.
[everyone else but Ash collapses]
Brock Harrison: Don't you know you anything?'! The shihan is the master teacher in a dojo!
Ash Ketchum: I thought it was chicken in a garlic sauce.
Kenzo: You're confusing me with General Tso. )
(Jesse: [Team Rocket confront a barrier of living vines] All right, garden wall, you axed for it!
Brock: James: We're the toughest team you ever saw!
Meowth: Let's cut to the chase!
Jesse: A timber-tantrum, eh? Let's get to the root of its problem!
Meowth: Bonsai!
Brock: James: I think its bite is as bad as its bark! )
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