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Sep 22, 2003 (Age: 20)
Snowpoint city, Sinnoh
Favourite Pokémon
Lucario, Infernape & Salazzle
Favourite Pokémon Move
Close Combat
Hates to lose


God's rage(Hybrid form only): Dean focuses energy into his blade so that depending on the substance it will either explode or be cut in two.
Super sonic slicer(Fenrir form only): Dean begins to run around his opponent rapidly increasing speed until he is so fast he is nearly invisible to the naked eye then he closes in on his target and slashes them with his blade.
God's Intensity: Dean focuses all his rage and energy and turns it into power which make his blows devastating, the downside is that it wears of after a couple minuets and Dean looses the ability to use his devil fruit for a long amount of time.
First Fate of Fenrir: hand of justice: The first of Deans special god attacks
Fate Slash: Dean focuses on his target and swings his sword towards it at astounding speed.


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