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Ello. I like Orange. I like Red. I like Red-Orange. I like Pokemon. I like superheroes. I am a jokester (a bad one, yes). And I only use 5 OC's in all my RP's. I think that sums it up. :p

Zack's Appearance: Zack has light tanned skin, Tiger orange dyed short spiky hair, Crimson red eyes behind a pair of white sports sunglasses, usually always wearing an amber red athletic shirt with an orange-reddish fire emblem on the chest, behind a scarlet red sports jacket, neon orange basketball shorts, and dark red sneakers. He's really in shape, not super muscular or anything but does have abs and all that. He also has a few scars all over his body, from his year of training, a small ruby key-chain that hooks to his pocket.

Clark's Appearance: Clark has peanut brown colored skin, with short black hair, brown eyes, wearing a grape purple hoodie over a plain black t-shirt, pure black sweat pants, and wine colored sneakers. Clark is on the smaller side of the scale, being skinny and short. He wears a watch that he has modified to have a bunch of interesting features. He also carries around a bunch of other gadgets, which he hides in his sweater.

Noah's Appearance: Noah has smooth sand colored skin, bright blue eyes, and light blonde short messy quiff, wears a white v-neck t-shirt decorated with a cyan blue portal design on the face of it, and electric blue jeans, finished with snow white sandals. Noah has a naturally big figure, and is decently in shape. He always carries around a small wooden figure shaped like a person, gifted from his parents.

Brendan's Appearance: Brendan has parmesan like skin, rough and dirty, messy dirt brown hair in a comb-over, Aviator Glasses covering chocolate brown eyes, he wears a camouflage tight long sleeve shirt, and baggy jeans, with brown shoes. Brendan is small but psychically fit, and always wears his gold chain necklace.

Theo's Appearance: Theo has milky white exterior, void black semi-unkempt hair, sad grey eyes, and wears a pitch black t-shirt designed with a skull that takes up the entire face of it. He also has deep grey sweatpants, and basic torn up black sneakers. Theo is average height, but really skinny. He also wears his last memory of his parents, a silver skull ring on his finger.

If you want the history behind all the characters, read this origin piece about them here! https://pokecharms.com/series/fallen-origins.5450/
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