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Hello! If you can't tell, I'm an ARMY! If you don't know what ARMY is, well ARMY is a fandom dedicated to the idol group BTS! I love BTS with all my heart and I even went to their concert in Oakland California! Anyway here are some interesting facts about me!

Favorite Color: Pastel Pink

Favorite Song: I Want You by ShiNee

Favorite Fruit: Strawberries

Favorite Food: Bulgogi

Favorite Drink: Banana Flavored Milk

Favorite Dessert: French Macaroons

Hobbies: play the violin, dance, go swimming, have a walk with my dogs and play video games

Suga (White Pekingese)
BamBam (Brown Toy Poodle)
Atlas (Alaskan Malmute)
Charlotte (White Akita Inu)
Tubby (White Persian)
Jin (Black Bombay)
Esmé (Turkish Angora)

Favorite Book: Far From The Tree

Games I Play:
Splatoon 2
Legend of Zelda BOTW
Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess
Pokemon Sapphire
Pokemon Pearl
Pokemon Black
Pokemon Black 2
Pokemon X
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Pokemon Moon
Pokemon Ultra Moon
Super Mario Odyssey
Final Fantasy VII

Favorite Animal: Giant Panda

Favorite Overwatch Hero: Widowmaker and D.Va

Favorite Movie: Ponyo

BTS Bias: Suga (I luv them all)

BTS Bias Wrecker: Every other

Favorite BTS Song: Magic Shop

Got7 Bias: Mark Tuan

Got7 Bias Wrecker: Park Jinyoung

Favorite Got7 Song: Look

Monsta X Bias: Hyungwon

Monsta X Bias Wrecker: Jooheon

Favorite Monsta X Song: If Only

BlackPink Bias: Lisa

BlackPink Bias Wrecker: Jennie

Favorite BlackPink Song: Forever Young
Oct 1, 2000 (Age: 23)
Gangnam, South Korea
Favourite Pokémon
Alolan Raichu
Favourite Pokémon Move
Dark Pulse
A little quick tempered



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