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Hi there! I'm Inkscape, but i also can go by Seven or LuckyXIII~
I am the God of Nicknames and Time, and being stupid bored.
and being annoying. At times. oh and the god of impatience and Adenosine Triphospate.
oh yeah and definitely a sin of pride but take that pride and cover it in 37 miles of inadequacy, depression and complete shyness and BAM
Prideful introvert with ADHD that forces them to be extroverted without any say in the matter
i tend to lust for activity or something to do~
i have a habit of like-nuking people
im kind of a geek though i don't show it haha
i also can be either extroverted or introverted, never any overlap
i enjoy drawing sometimes, too.
i have BARELY any sensor
and uh
am really self consious but yeah

I am a fan of many things, the main things (at the moment) being:
Adventure Quest Worlds, Homestuck, Beyblades (what else better to do in quarantine then revisit one of your old hobbies because why not), Sword Art Online, Pokemon, Coding, History, Science, Apex Legends, Skate 3, Among Us, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, trippy and or ear grating video game music, the list goes on and bloody on.
Adventure Quest Worlds
Sword Art Online
Apex Legends
Skate 3
Among us
Trippy/Ear-grating Video Game music

not sure if anyone really KNOWS my gender at the moment...~
Current nicknames given:
RenzFlintrock: Lint
ThatGuy101: Pair
Kyuukestu: Kyuubi
The Playful Fox: Thetys
Gamingfan: Amin/GGFan/Jog
SparkyChutie: Pastel
=Nightshade=: Shaded
Clite of Dragonbow: Lite
JakeOS: eOS/Jak
Willow Tree: Fruit
Schrift: Rift
BigHoodieBoy: Lean
Nicknames Aquired:
Ink/Cape (ThAtGuY101)
Inky (Kyuuketsu)
January 1
misbehaving in a cave
probably either
Favourite Pokémon
Favourite Pokémon Move
A little quick tempered


if you are looking for a good series to read, try homestuck.
yeah homestuck is an inescapable gravity well help-
context is really needed for some of these
"Gravity is a suggestion"
"If you stand down, does that mean you are sitting up?"

I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are. - Mewtwo
"Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people." - RenzFlintrock


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