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A few simple facts 'bout me, because, wynaut?

My name is Josephine, but I usually go by 'Josie' ^^
Gender: Female.
Sexuality: Bisexual!~

Likes: I like to roleplay, usually about Pokemon. When I'm not roleplay, which is very rare, I like to read, or simply talk with close friends!

If anyone wants to roleplay, I'd love to! Either message me privately, or, ask on my profile! I like to do PMRPs (Private Message Roleplays if you didn't know) as well.
September 22
Favourite Pokémon
Zorua & Zoroark
Somewhat of a clown


Name: Zaria
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]

OC Information!
Zaria The Female Zorua/Zoroark (Depending on Roleplay)
Dante the Male Eevee
Fang the Male Rockruff

Ember the Female Houndoom
Zach The Male Zoroark
Lunette the Shiny Female Umbreon



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