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WHATS UP NERDS I'M BACK (Like, sometimes- I'm gonna check up on the site more often so it's close enough!)

Hey there! I'm Joy, and I used to be a super active member on this website back in 2017/18. I'm back now (Hopefully!) and I can't wait to catch up and see what's happening with everybody :) It warms my heart to see how many of you are still here.
So for those of you who don't know me:
Hello! I'm 18, Ey/Em, Ace and Christian. I try to be chill and generally like to hang out! I love puns and wordplay, and I can't help myself from laughing whenever I talk to someone ^^ I love art and am currently pursuing a degree in illustration!
I think that's enough for you to get the gist! Below is the other stuff I wrote in my old intro with a couple of added updates! ^^ -2021

Newly addicted to the SubMas fandom so hell yeah submas -2022

I began my Pokemon adventure in generation four, using a preowned copy of Pearl. It is now a major part of my life, and I love talking about it.

Favorite quote:

"You Can't Predict Someone Who Doesn't Know What They're Doing." -Viantastic 2017

"Someone once said it's better to be Lucky than Good, But I think it's better to be Smart than Lucky." -ShadyPenguinn

Favorite Pokemon game: White, Legends Arceus
Favorite other game: Splatoon/2
Favorite food: Pizza, Sushi, Anything Sweet
Favorite animal: Giraffe, Cat, Mouse

Top five favorite 'mons: Porygon~Z(1#) Bisharp (2#) Jirachi
(3#) Togekiss(4#) Morelull(5#)
Honorary favorites/honorable mentions: (In no particular order)
Snom, Cutiefly/Ribombee, Leavanny, Darmanitan, Orbeetle, Florges, Roserade, Maractus, Dustox

Favorite types: Bug, Steel, Fairy
Favorite type combo: Normal/Ghost, Bug/Steel

{Poke-farm profile} <Lol i remember when i played that game <This one was from 2019 and here i am in 2021 still not playing this game X'd The only reason I'm leaving it on my profile is if i ever want to go back to it.
http://pfq.me/Joyfulness03 (Joyfulness03's Profile - PokéFarm Q)
https://pokefarm.com/fields/Joyfulness03 (Joyfulness03's Fields - PokéFarm Q)

Click Here to Interact with Noble! (PokeHeroes) Haha i remember this one too < Same as above

Click Here to Interact with Leea! (Retro Hoothoot) (PokeHeroes)

Click Here to Interact with Brianna! (Sakura Floette) (PokeHeroes)

https://pokeheroes.com/party (PokéHeroes) Interact with my party! Important eggs and such.
May 21, 2003 (Age: 20)
The Eternal State Of Being That Is College
Genderqueer, Ey/Em
Favourite Pokémon
Favourite Pokémon Move
Quiver Dance
Scatters things often


Everything I do is dictated either by the level of wholesome potential, pun/wordplay available, or itch that cannot be scratched called angst writing. The number one thing that commands over all of those though is college, which may as well be an immovable object.


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