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Ello, Ello~

I'm Kyuu, a lazy lax-natured, and amicable person (In my own opinion), a fan of Anime/Manga/Xianxia and others of that sort, as well as western High Fantasy. When I'm not reading or watching anime, I'm either swamped in school work or playing osu~

I'm a mania player with Standard as a side-mode~

Acquired Titles & Nicknames

Kyuu (99% of people)
Kyuu-chan (Probably just @Ophious...)
Vanilla Villain
Queen of Tactics

Mes Amis & Nicknames/Inside jokes

Godjacob —『The Protagonist』『Closet Lewd』
E.K.A.N.S. —『Rule 43』
Shen: Ghost Gym Leader — 『The Grand Master of All Things Bad - YOOM-TAH』
5DigitNeb — 『Nebby』
DarkHydraT —『The Ninja who tried』『Not a Sadist (lol)』
MegaAbsol — 『The Knifu Waifu, Fluff, S-tabby cat

art by MegaAbsol
Nukas —『Snuckums』『Snucky』
Retro Master — 『Eel Lover』
Grand Master Koop — 『Koopacabra』
Mystic Zander — 『Sandy』
NightShade — 『mon fille!
September 21
Favourite Pokémon
Lopunny, Typhlosion, Mawile
Favourite Pokémon Move
Seed Flare,
Often lost in thought




If at some point in life, you made a mistake or keep failing over and over again, and you can't help but think it's useless and you're good for nothing; Remember, you're only taking a detour. And I'm sure further along your path will come a day where you think, "It was a good life experience". That's why it'll be fine.

Maybe worrying about the future partings so much that you miss out on happiness in the present is a waste.

I've decided to take this unrequited love, and quietly put it away in a corner of my heart as a bittersweet page of my youth.

Youth is fleeting. Young people can't even wait for a spoonful of sugar to dissolve and bitter regret is proof of that. But bit by bit, you get a taste for it.

The present will always be different from the past. That's what makes life good and at the same time sad. That sadness, in turn, gives our everyday life some flavor. Just like coffee.

You plant your own garden instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers. In other words, take responsibility for your own needs and your own happiness.

That moment when you know you don't have much time left in this world, you start doing everything you want, you start eating stuff you were worried they'd make you fat, you start confessing your love to your crush even though you know it's just one-sided love, you start to treasure every little thing in life be it good or bad, you start to find that being scolded by your parents is beautiful, those little fights you had with your friends are meaningful, because, in the end, you realize that everything leaves a memory in your life.

Sooner or later, every man comes to a crossroad, settle in the comfortable mediocrity or seek greatness, entering the wilderness of his own intuition.

Unfortunately, most are too blind to recognize opportunity when it knocks. Others recognize it but only after it's too late. But for some of us, the lucky few,
that wake-up call simply cannot be ignored.

We take the exit ramp, fight out for the territory, our sails full with a mix of rocket fuel and hellfire.


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