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Hey! I'm lilonegia and I'm gonna tell u some info about ME!8)

I love pokemon! Ever since I was 8 my little cousins played Pokemon. At first, I wasn't interested:@. But then, my poppop got me Pokemon black 2.(he found it in a car in a junkyard@.@) I figured out how to delete it by looking it up on youtube:? (THANK U YOUTUBE<.>!) and I played it for a little while. I FELL IN LOVE:love:!! It was so cool:up:! I got a couple more games from ebay for my birthday:D and now...i'm a fanatic:8B:! I :love: POKEMON! I found this site and I thought It was pretty cool :up:so now I got an account.>_<

If you guys have any questions about me or pokemon or advice even or anything! I will answer no doubt. :D

If ur curious I will type in the games I got;)

Pokemon Alpha Saphire
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Pokémon x
Pokémon y
Pokémon black 2
Pokémon white 2
Pokémon white
Pokémon heart gold
Pokémon soul silver
Pokémon diamond
Pokémon pearl
Ppkemon platinum
Pokémon ranger
This list will be edited btw :D

And that's it yo! So if yall have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to ask;)So if you would, please, comment on what u think! Follow me! (I will follow u back if u follow me btw)
Nice talking to all u! Catcha later:D
September 30
Favourite Pokémon
If they were real i would have to say, oshawat cause he's great to have at your side and he's confident!
Favourite Pokémon Move
Draco Meteor,Roar of Time,Special Rend,&Phantom Force!!
Highly curious



I walked in at my school dance: :-)
Anaconda came on: O_O
After anaconda was over: X_X


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