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Lord Of Pain

You came all the way to know more about me? Well I guess I could tell you some stuff

I'm a big fan of Adventure Quest World's, power rangers, Mythology, Creepy pasta, Mortal combat, Percy Jackson, Pokemon and Memes

I'm an average fan of Vines, Anime, Minecraft and Harry potter

I'm a pokephiliac and I'm proud of it

I love roleplaying, gaming and watching videos and I think math belongs in Hell....


Alternate me's:

I am the first Lord of chaos, there being 13 of them, with my chaos beast being the Hydra, I'm a Mirror mage thus being experienced in inversion

I'm one of the 7 Team Rainbow Generals, leading the Red Grunts and being the gym leader specialised in fighting types in the Shaha Region

My Dark side Pain is a Dark Lunar wolf, Dark Lunar Wolves are the Dark sides of Lunar wolves who can turn into wolves and have special weapons and powers, Pain has power over Chaos and a battle axe which he uses with a sword given to him by the Grim Reaper since he works for him, he is also immortal because he works for the Grim reaper as a Team Rainbow general

Shaha Region League, if you want a trainer OC to be one tell me which empty spot you want :

Elite 1 - Ghost and Psychic Double battle - ( Cosmar/Andrewski2000 - Cleo/*That*guy)

Elite 2 - Water - (Austin/BlueDragonFlame)

Elite 3 - Bug - (Sticks/EmperorBumpaDump)

Elite 4 - Ground - (Shredder/Midnight Espeon)
Dec 10, 2002 (Age: 21)
Under Satan's Bed
Favourite Pokémon
Favourite Pokémon Move
Dynamax Cannon
Thoroughly cunning


@D.j The Hydreigon
@Midnight Espeon
@optimus brime

@Professor Koda
strong wizard with a pet Hydra, proud Pokephile and sharing a body with a blood demon named Vladimir

Hi Ace, Hi Peachy :D

- The frontliner of the team
- Literary Ancient and too old for my shit XD
- Missing an Eye
- Half Responsible for sinking Atlantis
- has a magic crystal eye that lets him see 25 minutes into the future
- The Sweeper of the Team
- Psycho serial killer....?
- Wont return to the pokeball until he kills something
- Strong Independent woman when she wants to be
- is the adoptive mother of a pale Leafeon
- Dating Ace's Lucario
- very protective of Pain
- DNA Spliced with Lapras DNA so she is Psychic/Water
- Potion Brewer
- been told he is a good kisser
- Dating Ace's Tapu Lele(?)
- very behind on technology
- Volt Switches A LOT
- Mordred's Partner in Crime
- Cinnamon Roll
- Jekyll and Hyde Complex

- Savage and merciless
- Sweet mannered
- Dating Ace's Espeon
- Glass Cannon
- Loves making palm sized snow men
the First of the 13 Lords of Chaos, powerful wizard, idiot and a half decent Father XD

hi blue, hi trevor
Dark Lunar wolf and a general of team Rainbow, can turn into an Umbreon, immortal cause my boss is the grim reaper (unless killed by Yvettal

also im dating Moon~
Sadist, masochist, weapon expert, Has an Exosuit powered by Hellfire with an AI called Velma, Dating Pierce (Peachy's Gender bent Self)

Olivia - Odin's gender bent self
Tyra - Tyrfing's gender bent Self
Myra La Fae - Mordred's Gender bent Self
Naga - Naga's gender bent self
Ex Blood demon worshiping Cult member, used to date the succubus daughter of the demon he worshiped, Potion Brewer

Oliver - Odin's counterpart, more relaxed and less serious
Calibur - Tyrfing's Counterpart, Righteous
Mauve - Molly's Counterpart, Adorable little Thief
Merlin La Fae - Mordred's counterpart, Flamboyant dramatic entrances
Tiamat - Naga's counterpart, a Dragonair not a dragonite
A Shaman living in a dimension where the supernatural and Mystic Arts coexist with the prehistoric wildlife

Halazzi The Dire Leafeon - gives a whole new meaning to paper cuts
Carnassa The Shiny Haxorus - wherever she is, the Brood is nearby
Zamic the Zoroark - The Flirt
Vanna the Weavile - The Muscles
TT The Shiny Genesect - The Brain
Bellona The Zangoose - Cinnamonroll
Phobos The Seviper - Sneaky Snek
Argentum The Silver Yanmega - Speed demon
Satan The Shiny Ninetails - Mr Anger issues
Asmodeus The Umbreon - Bisexual Playboy
Mammon The Absol - Greedy Boi
Belphegor The Vaporeon - The Heavy Sleeper
Leviathan The Shiny Eevee - Jealousy issues
Beelzebub The Blue winged Vivilian - #Cannibal
Coco The Mega Lopunny - The Boss Girl
Blue The Shiny Zoroark - Lock picker
Maple The Kommo-o - Brute Force!
Velvet The Shiny Mimikyu - Cute Bait
Big Boss Sam The Vaporeon - Gonna put ya six feet under in Davy John's Locker
Big Sis Haly The Tyranitar - Dont mess with her Bro
Lil Bro Dan - Strongest Jaws and Claws in the business
Butch The Groudon - The Muscles of the team, and the guard
Mikael The Mewtwo - the Brains
Hitman Stan - you got the right price he got the job done
Morrighan The Ghost Type Deoxys - Death itself
Annabel The Sylveon - Its A Trap!
Lust The Pink Jolteon - Asmodeus's Sister
Dust the Umbreon - Awkward Angsty Teen
Jacob The Pink Jolteon Gijinka - Dont ask about the Parents....
Bruce The Garchomp - Big Fin Bruce!
Morgan La Fae - Mordred's Sister
Adam The Araquanid - just.... dont interact with him.... EVER
Azzula The Zoroark - #Hermaphrodite
Pele the Pink Ninetales - Satan's Auntie, great cook
Ivan the blond Shiny Umbreon - currently a girl, don't ask
"When Life gives you Lemons........... make Grape juice out of them, then sit back and watch Life Try to figure out how the hell did you do that XD" - Lord Of Pain​


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