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*Puts down book* Oh! I'm sorry,I didn't notice you enter! My name is Luna,Luna Fortune. I also have a quotev account! I love Miraculous Ladybug and am a total fan of it! I adore Pokémon as well as Aphmau.
I'm the daughter of Umbreon and an Espeon,this is what gives me my Dark and Physic type. Tho I only take the appearance of my father's side,an Umbreon. Though both my parents are HUMANIZED POKÉMON.
I love art and music by not so good at art! I don't really work well on paper so I use my art studio on my tablet for art. I just need a better one because honestly,I can't match the colors!
I hope you enjoyed visiting my account,Cya on the other side! *Hops through a hole*
April 11
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