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I am a huge fan of different series like Mega Man, Persona 5, Binding of Isaac, and Pokemon (Duh) but either than that I am an all round good person usually helping others out if struggles are going on in their lives.

I do recommend you guys check out the reboot of the Comet Trail Roleplay by my pal @Cryronn the Mudkip

Either than that Enjoy your stay here on my account
Lumious city, Kalos
Favourite Pokémon
Favourite Pokémon Move
Pokemon Giratina and the sky warrior
Good endurance


(Comet Trail High)
Marcel Cromwell (Demon powers)
Porco Cromwell (Tech)
Lucien Béchalot (Swordcaster)
Alexis Vespertine (Blood dragon)
Samael Petrikov (Reaper)
Judas Lial (Shadow Spider)
Nix Amherst (Necromancy and soulmancy)
Sampson Hermocoles (Adaptivity with Tomes)

(Kickin’ it Kanto Style)
Oliver Camphier
Edward Camphier

(The Battle Frontier challenge)
Edward Camphier (Owns a Mega Gallade)

(Super Smash Bros: A new World

Adrift Arts Academy
Edward Camphier (Shiny Gallade and Normal Corviknight team)

Judith Meliad (Arachnophobia)
Joseph Crosswitch (Necrophobia)


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