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Roleplay Interests: Final Fantasy VII and Pokémon. Pretty much exclusively right now. Doctor Who, Fire Emblem or Star Trek if you can sell me on a plot idea. That said I'm more familiar with old Fire Emblem games, as I haven't played the newest ones on the 3DS, and I never finished Awakening. As for Star Trek I've seen all new movies, all of Voyager, half of The Next Generation, and I'm playing Star Trek Online.

I am very hesitant to roleplay in an original world, because I enjoy fleshing out my characters, and a lot of times original worlds lack a lot of the information I need to effectively roleplay. I am PG-13 only. I'm 28 IRL, but mature themes just aren't my cup of tea. I prefer to stay away from relationship-based RPs, and generally speaking my characters aren't exactly conducive to it anyway.

Roleplay Style: For the most part, I can't RP a child. Which of course is entirely awkward for most Pokémon RPs, so on the whole I'd much prefer to RP a Pokémon instead of a Trainer. I also largely RP males, though I've been known to play other things. I'm also entirely fine RPing Canon characters of my preferred fandoms, and I like to think I do a good job? You can expect two paragraphs minimum from me, pretty much universally, with no cap. Sometimes I won't shut up. That said, I try to write concise posts—meat and potatoes. Once upon a time I wrote in purple, but I really don't have time for that anymore.

Contact Info: My Reddit username is RhaqaZhwan. The best method of communication is probably Discord, and my tag is Ninian#3747.

Timezone: EST (GMT/UTC-5) On the weekends my sleeping schedule is very strange. Otherwise I'm up early and sleep early-ish. I work in a Faraday Cage, so I can't post until I'm home for the day (roughly 4PM EST, but I usually eat soon after). Sometimes if I can I'll check posts while I'm at work, but I can't reply.

  • likes Pokémon and FFVII
  • 28 years old and counting
  • PG-13 scenarios
  • Discord tag is Ninian#3747
  • posts frequently
  • post quality tanks when RL aggros
Current RPs
Roleplay Characters

This info will vary from the iterations played on PokéCharms. Characters with Mega Stones or other illicit items/Pokémon will not have them in play here. Teams may also vary.
Aug 30, 1989 (Age: 34)
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