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Okay, I can do this. Just got to go ten seconds without starting a war over my opinions.
Hello, I'm Octodragon, I'm a huge Splatoon fan, and Callie is best squid sister and anyone you thinks otherwise is a- *Sighs* Why can't I go 5 flipping seconds without doing that!
Anyway, I'm a total fangirl. Why would I be on this site if I wasn't? But yeah, I can lose my mind over the various fandoms I'm in. To list a few, I love Percy Jackson, Wings of fire, Splatoon, The Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon. I'm a total diehard for both Splatoons, and will play them almost constantly. I also have a Quotev account where I go by the same name, so yeah, check me out there too. Bye!
Inkopolis Square
The Rainwing-Octoling hybrid
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