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July 6
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Name: Alexander Teel
Age: 12
Hometown & Region: Veilstone City, Sinnoh
Gender: Male
Personality: Mostly neutral towards most situations, excluding research. They can be relatively quiet, but will chime into a conversation if they hear something interesting. They also open up a lot once they meet somebody. However, they aren't good at dealing with common sense.
Appearance: They're slightly taller then average, with slightly messy black hair and dull blue-grey eyes. They sometimes wear a lab coat, however, they often find a way to trip over it, so it isn't worn often. Instead, Alexander often wears a thick sweater, with navy-blue for the sleeves, and a dark grey for the rest of the sweater. Along with that are some average blue jeans, and black sneakers. They also sometimes wear glasses due to their terrible eyesight. They carry a large backpack, with supplies.
Goal: To establish a base for research, and/or to become a powerful Steel-Type trainer.
Backstory: Born in Veilstone, Alexander had to deal with many problems that living in Veilstone brought. One of them was an abundance of criminals who would try to steal money, and/or Pokémon.



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