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Lumiose City, Kalos
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Name: Marcus Kosika
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Physical Features: Marcus is an imposing figure, standing at 6'3" and weighing about 200 pounds. His light brown skin is drawn taught over his muscled physique, and his perpetually-sleepy-looking brown eyes compliment the shade nicely. Marcus keeps his somewhat-nappy hair almost shaved on the sides and short on the top, close to a box cut in style.
Appearance: Marcus' outfits can change day to day, but two things remain consistent: his gold chain with a St. Mary pendant, and his two silver rings on his right ring and pinky fingers.
Personality: Marcus is incredibly calm, with a reassuring quality akin to descriptions of Jay Gatsby from the classic novel bearing his name. It takes a lot to get him going about anything, and some mistake his lack of reaction for a lack of passion. Marcus is nothing if not passionate however, but he prefers to keep his passion to himself. He is incredibly self-motivated, something necessary for an endurance sport like rowing. As one of the best rowers on the school team, Marcus has some leadership experience but prefers to let others take charge.
Name: Marcus Kosika
Kinship: Legendkin
Myth/Legend: Archangel Raphael
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Physical Features: Marcus gained two inches of height and 25 pounds of muscle after the Oscillation, not to mention a pair of brilliant white wings with a 12 foot wingspan. His eyes have gone from brown and sleepy to gold and alert, and people around him swear that they can see a circular golden glow around his head.

Appearance: With his wings now in the way, Marcus has to cut slits into the backs of any clothes that he wears. He still wears the same jewelry.

Personality: Marcus stepped up after the Oscillation, putting his reassuring vibes to use by becoming the leader that he never felt the need to be pre-Oscillation.

Mythos: In Christianity, the Archangel Rapheal is one of the three most powerful Angels in Heaven. While Gabriel may be thought of as the Messenger and Michael as the Warrior, Raphael is the Healer. His sphere of influence encompasses medicine, healing, and those who practice either. He is revered as a protector of sailors, and one of the Devil's chief enemies.

  • (Active) Marcus' touch can instantly put others at ease if he wills it.
  • (Passive) Marcus is highly resistant to any ability that would alter his state of mind (Demoralization, memory clouding, etc.)
  • (Passive) Marcus' senses are incredibly enhanced, to the point that he can hear the blood flowing and feel the vibrations from the heartbeat of a person standing across the room.
  • (Active) Marcus can heal any wound on any person by touching it and willing it to happen. This comes at a great initial cost of his own energy and a continued lower cost as the healing takes place.
  • (Passive) Marcus' touch burns any undead in the same way that holy water may.
  • (Active) Marcus can call on the sunlight during the day and form it into beams of energy. These beams of energy are like a highly concentrated magnifying glass, and are incredibly hot to the touch.
  • (Passive) Marcus' strength is enhanced to super-human levels when in direct sunlight.
  • Marcus is able to fly using his wings. The wings are incredibly strong, strong enough to lift his body off the ground, and durable enough to be used as offensive weapons. They can sustain slow flight for a considerable amount of time, and fast flight for much shorter periods.

  • Power: High
  • Strength: Above Average
  • Toughness: Above Average
  • Resilience: Above Average
  • Speed: Low
  • Agility: High
  • Quickness: Average
  • Constitution: Above Average
  • Stamina: Average
  • Endurance: High
  • Elemental Resistances: Extremely Low
  • Physical Resistances: Below Average
  • Control Resistances: Extremely High
  • Penetration: Very Low

Real Name: Nikolai Akutni
Alias: Ground Zero
Age/Gender: 36, Male
Race: Human, Eastern European
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Nikolai is cunning, fast talking, and silver-tongued. Over the years he's learned how to talk his way out of or into any situation, and as such he comes off as incredibly charismatic. Even so, Nikolai's charisma is more of a tool at his disposal rather than a consistent personality trait, a claim corroborated by those few people that maintain close relationships with him. His coworkers are particularly wary of him because, as they put it, "When he's switched on, you'll say anything to him, and he'll never forget a word." Nikolai's analytical mind borders on photographic, which lends itself particularly well to his profession.
Personality Flaws: Nikolai's silver tongue has earned him a reputation outside of Hell's Kitchen as a trickster, but the people within his community view him fondly.
Power Flaws: Nikolai's momentum must be manually activated and deactivated, which is done through concentration. Years of practice have led to Nikolai's ability to near-instantly activate his Momentum, but if he is caught off guard and attacked relentlessly he will not have the focus to activate it. Momentum also burns through an insane amount of calories, so Nikolai is forced to consume a lot of extra food before and after using his ability.
Powers: Momentum - When he begins a repeatable action, Nikolai's movements become faster, and the force behind them grows stronger. For example, if he were to throw a series of punches, the first would be just a normal punch. The second would be slightly faster and slightly stronger, as would the third, so on and so forth until his fists become a whirlwind capable of battering a stone wall into rubble.
Born into a poor family of third generation com-bloc immigrants, Nikolai was raised fairly well. Both his parents loved him, and worked very hard to ensure that there was always food in the fridge and heat in the vents in their small apartment. Unlike most children, Nikolai was home schooled, so while his parents were away at work his grandparents gave him his education. As a retired teacher, it fell on his grandmother's shoulders to teach Nikolai all of the usual subjects.

While he learned the usual math, english, and history that a traditionally-schooled student would, it was the lessons Nikolai learned from his grandfather that made him the man he is today. The lessons that taught him to watch out for his fellow man, and to distrust any source of authority that would keep them down. Years upon years of intensive discussion and philosophizing with his grandfather sculpted his ideology, and Nikolai attributes his decision to become an investigative journalist to those discussions.

After moving out of his parents' apartment when he turned 18, Nikolai did what he saw as his duty and enlisted in the U.S. Army. After serving a single term overseas in an Eastern European conflict zone, Nikolai was singled out by his commanding officers for a new opportunity with the CIA as a spy in enemy territory because of his incredible memory and charisma. Nikolai served four years behind enemy lines, infiltrating terrorist cells and gathering enough information to either dismantle them from the inside or to help coordinate a military assault.

Nikolai gradually grew disenfranchised with the military as he saw the devastation caused by the fighting in the corner of Eastern Europe to which he was sent. As soon as he was able, Nikolai severed his contract with the CIA, and returned to Hell's Kitchen to make a new life for himself. The Hell's Kitchen he returned to wasn't the one he had grown up in, however, and in the eight years since his last visit a violent mob had moved in. Nikolai took it upon himself to dismantle it in the same way he had dismantled terrorist cells on his deployment.

Nikolai's dismantling of the mob was twofold: He managed to join the organization, only to report any information he found regarding the mob's cruel actions to a local newspaper under the pseudonym "Ground Zero". Once public hatred for the mob was at an all time high, Nikolai began to hit the mob's safe houses. Armed with several black-market guns and his cunning, Nikolai single handedly killed or drove out every last member of the mob in Hell's Kitchen.

With his mission complete, Nikolai founded his own newspaper, the Kitchen Inquirer, where he employs a handful of people. The anti-authority lessons that his grandfather instilled in him show themselves in the articles that Nikolai's newspaper runs. While they do run articles on local occurrences, the focus of the Inquirer is on criticizing the heroes that run their society and the vigilantes that police their streets.




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