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Rotorstorm Wrecker

My faves out of my fave things:
Overwatch-Genji (badass)
Dragon ball-Vegeta (it's over 9000!)
Pokemon-Sceptile (leaf blade)
Transformers-Starscream (who dare disrupts my corination)
One piece-Ace (why couldn't it have been Garp;_;)
Naruto-Kakashi (overrated but cool)
Pokemon anime-Paul (you're pathetic)
Akira-Kanaeda (TETSUO!)
Star Wars-Boba fett (jet pack)
Mortal kombat-Scorpion (get over here)
Marvel-Deadpool (I've got one bullet so you're gonna have to share it)
DC-Red hood (nuff said)
Steven universe-Peridot
Samurai jack-Haku
The amazing world of gumball-Gumball
Adventure time-Ice king
Teen titans(original not the garbage new one)-Beast boy
Young justice-Impulse
Rick and morty-Rick (you gotta get shwifty)
Favourite Pokémon
Favourite Pokémon Move
volt tackle
Somewhat stubborn


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