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Hi my name is Bat-Wayne, I mean Bruce-Man, No Schrift 007. I am (_.._) (..) (..) (..) years old, (some morse code for you). On this site I have been a, pokemon trainer, a hero in training, a ninja, a fire bender, a wolf, a hacker, a half demon, a werewolf, a marked and punching bag (Mainly due to my brother). I decided to make a bio for myself cause I seem like a creeper with my profile picture. Fun fact, the picture is me in a mask. I am very, very, very, very childish, like you can ask my friend Night's Shadow and she will tell you about the endless amount of childish songs I have made. I love to animate, it's just really fun, however I'm no Matt Groening, fabiano cruz or Alan Beker. I have a weird addiction to being dumb, like I'm so dumb I'd forget to die if I was killed.What else do I mention about myself, hmmmmmm, uhhhhhhh, I barely brush in at a healthy weight, I am a literal living skeleton. Like you can lift me by my arm with no sweat, seven year olds can bench press me! Apart from that I'm gonna now drop from writing this bio, I think you guys know enough, maybe too much. Yes, yes you know too much now and must be exterminated. Did I forget to mention...

This is a cliff hanger yeah, you will never know

I'm a fan of all these things,
Pokemon ( What a shocker)
Fairy tail (team natsu forever)
Dc (not as much as marvel)
My hero Academia
Tokyo ghoul
Titan fall
One piece (never watched)
Naruto ( never watched it)
Dragon ball (I don't get why GT is so hated)
Linkin Park (R.I.P Chester)
Skillet (it's a rock band)
Young Samurai (great book series)
Harry potter
Ben 10
The amazing world of gumball
Avatar the last air bender
Death battle

Friends on the site, (I consider you guys friends)
-@Night's Shadow
-@killerbunny the god
-@Merciless Medic
-@Keen Kitsune
-@SparkyChutie (Turns out she's my pokecharms' twin)
-@ThePlayfulFox (samurai are better than knights)
-@Lily May (Turns out she is a great dueller)
January 4
That thing you see in the corner of your room
Favourite Pokémon
Favourite Pokémon Move
Wild charge
Strong willed


Name: Shiruetto
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]

@Night's Shadow (The one with an addiction with mha and naruto, also the only person who knows how to do everything better than me)
@Gamingfan (The one who will beat yo ass till you can't walk, in super smash flash 2 and seems to be two gods rolled, blended and mixed into one)
@Schrift007 (The dangerously crazy psychopathic one with a weird addiction to knives and chaos and fire and anything lethal)


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