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If you wish to contact me on a 3ds ( Or in my case a 2ds ) my friend code is 3840-8300-6935 Message me if put my code in and in that same message tell me your friend code for i may put your code on my 2ds. "coolgengar" is my xbox one account. Welp, welcome to the new and updated "About me" well, i'll list my favorite games, shows, movies, and goals and a few other things. Favorite games: Star wars battlefront series, SCP-CB, Undertale, Pokemon series, Smite, Minecraft, Goals: Become a youtuber called "ShadowofUmbreon" (Not completed) Learn how to draw, (Not completed) Get though school and get a good job ( Not completed yet I know I'll make it though school.) Favorite Shows: Pokemon anime, Doctor who, Star Wars the clone wars, Red vs Blue Favorite movies: Star Wars the orginal and prequel (Expect Phantom meance) Doctor who day of the Doctor (I know it's technically a episdoe but I count it as a movie.) Lord of the rings all 3 of them. Top 5 favorite pokemon in order: Umbreon, Dusknior, Anshislash, ( Spell it wrong I know) Darkai, and A tie between Charzaird Blazekein and Sceptile. Favorite video game charcthers: Sans and Papyrus, Arbirter, Master Chief, ShadowofUmbreon signing out Also the following pictures are not mine The Umbreon pic is made by LegendWaker at deviant art
Jan 3, 2004 (Age: 20)
The darkness beyond
Favourite Pokémon
Favourite Pokémon Move
Dark void
Often lost in thought


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