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The AnimeFreak

Ermm... I'm The AnimeFreak. Truth be told, I didn't expect to be logged onto Pokecharms. I don't plan on losing to some bunch who never stood in front of real followers. I'll use all of you as stepping stones. Now that I am signed up, I'll take the top.

Beware, my followers. I have a knife, and a fork. I also have a spoon. Which one shall I use on you, if you break my rules?

(Please don't take offence X3)
Jan 19, 1993 (Age: 31)
A random place
Favourite Pokémon
Favourite Pokémon Move
Land Wrath
Likes to relax


When there is life, there is most certainly death. After death has happened, you either get sent to heaven or hell. If there is no heaven or hell, there is most certainly afterlife...

...yet this is what you get from Angel Beats.

Roses are red, violets are blue. If you kill my Waifu, I'll kill you too!
Hachiman's bad, Yui is good. Where Yukino went? I DON'T HAVE A CLUE!
"Your life is a video game: it starts, and it ends."

"Deep inside that failure, there is always success."

"The feels won't move on, but that's a good thing. It means you still show affection"

"While something may not be better than what you love, it might still be perfect"

"In someone else, there's something you have; purpose to live."

"In positivity, there is always negativity. Positivity inside negativity."

"YouTube is all a game. The plot is to get bigger. Bigger than anyone, don't let anyone stop you. Each milestone you achieve, a level you complete."

I have a new world
I built it
Make a machine that can travel through dimensions
And you will find the world where you can request anything anime.
You have a letter of request? Well, come to my world!


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