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  1. WhitePhoenix423

    XY/ORAS Trading off a Shiny Kyogre!

    I've just had an outside offer for what I'm looking for. Therefore, I will be closing the trade. Thank you.
  2. WhitePhoenix423

    XY/ORAS Trading off a Shiny Kyogre!

    First off, yes, this is legitimate. I'm looking to trade off a Shiny Kyogre. At first, I really wanted a Victini, but now I would just like to see what else I can get for it. :P The reason I'm trading this off is because I really don't need or want it, quite honestly. My friend gave this to me...
  3. WhitePhoenix423

    Posted first two chapters to my fanfiction. ^^

    Posted first two chapters to my fanfiction. ^^
  4. WhitePhoenix423

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: End Of Darkness: Chapters 1 and 2

    This is a rather old story of mine, and I have the whole thing posted to my Fanfiction page (and somewhere in my Deviantart gallery in PDF format). Some things to know before reading: This incorporates some TCG canon (specifically Delta Species and Dark Pokemon) and, though it is set in the...
  5. WhitePhoenix423

    I listen to some strange music. Renard, anyone?

    I listen to some strange music. Renard, anyone?
  6. WhitePhoenix423

    The World's Longest Thread

    I'm sorry, I just could not resist posting:
  7. WhitePhoenix423

    Thanks for the follow! ^^

    Thanks for the follow! ^^
  8. WhitePhoenix423

    What are YOU thankful for? Thanksgiving thread!

    If you celebrate Thanksgiving (or even if you don't, but still have thanks), then post what you're thankful for here! I'm thankful for all of the people who love and support me, despite my shortcomings and failures. :blush: So, what are your thanks?
  9. WhitePhoenix423

    Do you watch the Pokemon anime?

    I used to love the anime, but I was forced to stop when I came into foster care. Thing was, the mother I was with was very anti-Pokemon. She called it demonic and said it ruined my life. She took everything Pokemon-related away from me and I'm sure she either sold it or burned it. Or just threw...
  10. WhitePhoenix423

    New Member Introductions

    Ah crap... didn't see this thread. *Ahem* my name is Phoenix, I'm 17 years old and a huge fan of Pokemon, anime, and video games. I love to draw and write, though I'm not very good at either, and I love to make friends. I came to Pokecharms after finding and using the Trainer Card maker, and...
  11. WhitePhoenix423

    Your favourite Pokemon

    Well, just so long as there's no backlash from this, my favorite Pokemon is Shaymin. I actually find it very cute, and even though I've never had one, I've been told they could be real monsters in battle.