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  1. Valin

    Smash Bros. 4 character customization

    If there's anything I love in any video game, it's customization options, whether it be designing your character's appearance, or putting together or tweaking movesets. I don't know about everyone else, but I think Smash's 4's fighter customization did not disappoint, overall, especially when...
  2. Valin

    Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Revealed!

    It's funny. When I was preordering Pokemon Y at Gamestop, the guy at the counter was complaining about the "chromosome" theme of the titles, and suggested that they should have used the Greek alphabet to name them, like "Pokemon Alpha," "Pokemon Beta," etc. Well, looks like he's now half-getting...
  3. Valin

    Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire wishes!

    Hopefully we'll get the Battle Frontier again. Only getting the Battle Tower, albeit under different names, is a little boring and I'd like an interesting post-game challenge. I also hope we'll get Move Tutors; Now with IV breeding being easier than ever, they were sorely missed in X and Y...
  4. Valin

    The game that came out of nowhere.

    One that comes to mind is Tales of Eternia (well, came out as Tales of Destiny II over here, but I call it Tales of Eternia, because that's what it is, especially considering that in Japan, there is a real Tales of Destiny II) for the PS1. I just saw it in a review in a magazine I was subscribed...
  5. Valin

    Reinterpretation of Pokemon White

    I wasn't trying to drag it out. I just thought that a resolution to the conflict between Ria and Cheren, and the impact Ria is having on the trainers of Unova, their resulting resolve, and her reaction to it were fairly important. If you don't mind my asking, though, what conclusion did you draw...
  6. Valin

    Super Smash Bros.: Greninja and Charizard Join the Fray.

    Questionable. Roy's inclusion in Melee, from Japan's perspective, was basically an advertisement for Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, which came out around the same time, and was the first Fire Emblem after a three year hiatus. Compared to Marth, who was the first main character in the series and...
  7. Valin

    The Battle Videos Thread

    I wouldn't exactly call a 1-0 victory with 35HP left for your remaining Pokemon "pwning" someone, but that was still really awesome. Quick Claw activating all those times, avoiding two Toxics in a row, scoring a lucky freeze on Jolteon, which could have otherwise cost you the match... That was...
  8. Valin

    At first I hated it....

    Degrassi When I was first introduced to Degrassi, it was through the DVD, Jay & Silent Bob Do Degrassi (which showed a couple episodes late in The Next Generation, Season Four, where Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes made a guest appearance). Back then, I was a somewhat big Kevin Smith fan, and I...
  9. Valin

    Reinterpretation of Pokemon White

    Soon after returning from the meeting with Alder, the Elite Four, and the Gym Leaders, leaving Cheren behind to play out whatever touching scene fate has in store for him and Skyla, Bianca and I return to the Pokemon Center and head straight to the sleeping quarters to rest up for our upcoming...
  10. Valin

    Which gender do you choose

    That was exactly the same case for me. On my Y game, I played as the guy, because I am a guy and if I'm going to communicate with the rest of the world, I'd might as well use my true gender, but when I got my X game, I chose the female PC, mainly out of curiosity of what customization options...
  11. Valin

    Updated VS Recorder thread entry with two more epicilicious battles!

    Updated VS Recorder thread entry with two more epicilicious battles!
  12. Valin

    Making decent progress on Reinterpretation of Pokemon White today! I might actually get the next...

    Making decent progress on Reinterpretation of Pokemon White today! I might actually get the next part added before the end of this year!
  13. Valin

    XY/ORAS Singles Rate my Team (OU)

    If I may offer a suggestion, for Togekiss, I'd suggest replacing Flamethrower with Psychic; You already have Steel and Ice, as well as Rock covered with Aura Sphere, and you can still take care of Bug-types and Grass-types with Air Slash, so it's a tad redundant. Psychic can cover Poison-types...
  14. Valin

    The Pokecharms Safari

    You'll have to be online at the same time as someone else so that his/her game can confirm that you have beaten the Elite Four and unlock it.
  15. Valin

    I feel so lonely... though I probably deserve it...

    I feel so lonely... though I probably deserve it...
  16. Valin

    Apologies for the previous message. No offense was meant.

    Apologies for the previous message. No offense was meant.
  17. Valin

    XY/ORAS Shiny Magneton in exchange for small favor

    I only have a single 3DS, and I've been wanting to transfer a few (by that, I mean five) Pokemon from my Y version to my X version (which I plan on making my "base" game), so I'll need someone I can trade those Pokemon to, and then trade said Pokemon to my X version. In exchange, I'm willing to...
  18. Valin

    XY/ORAS Kalos Dex Completed - Willing to breed for you.

    What about Abilities? If so, I really want an Anticipation Eevee (preferably female and Timid, but the Ability is what matters the most, so even if it's male and some other nature, I can just Ditto breed, so it's no big deal, just as long as it has Anticipation).
  19. Valin


  20. Valin

    The Pokecharms Safari

    Added, added, and added. Also, for future reference, if you're going to post your friend code, you should just add all the friend codes already on the list to your 3DS friend list. If they want to add you, they'll enter your codes on their own 3DS's (and there are really no negative...