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  1. Layene Silverlight

    Favourite NPC? (Games)

    Here's the list, as far as I can remember it, of my favourite NPCs in Pokemon. N. He's got green hair, intends only good, and I want to steal his hat. Cheren. He's got GLASSES, whichisveryveryverygoodandI'mtotallynotonlysayingthatbecauseIhaveglasseswhywouldyouthinkthat? He's smart, his jacket is...
  2. Layene Silverlight

    Life As A Misfit

    Okay, okay, okay, swallowing fear and posting some of my (crappy) writing here... Please point out any flaws you notice. But try to be as nice as possible because, I admit it, I have a tendency to brush off mean criticism as just meanies and also get overly upset at it sometimes. Please don't...
  3. Layene Silverlight

    Life Positions... in game...

    Wandering Trainer. No, Gym Leader. No, Ranger. No, Professor... I dunno. Maybe I'd be like my fancharacter Ekita. She's a trainer and her mother's assistant. (Her mother is the Professor for their region.)
  4. Layene Silverlight

    Ranger Diaries - A Retelling of the Ranger Games

    ... I'm adding this to my 'Stalk This Thread' list. Okay? Okay. I already loved the game and the storyline and now I love it even more and GAH, look what you've done! (Oh wait, you can't, I'm never posting it.) You've made me start on typing up MY Ranger fanfiction! DX ... I loves how you did...
  5. Layene Silverlight

    Minimeg's Sprite gallery!

    Oh wow... You can do colours without making them too far apart or too close together! DX Now I feel useless. Oh well. I do really like your Pocahontas, but I have two things to say about her. Number one, her face looks strange, I think it's the right eye that does that. (Our right.) Number two...
  6. Layene Silverlight

    Narupokefreak's Trainer sprite shop!

    I really like these. But, I have to admit, a couple of them seem a bit... Awkward. Like the third mugshot. What's with the hairline? It looks black. But his hair is red. See what I mean? And the last mugshot. That face isn't at the fight angle for the head, I think. It makes it look like the...
  7. Layene Silverlight

    The Person Below Me Is...

    No. It makes everything so boring. The person below me has a laptop and has propped it up on its side to use it. (I'm doing that right now so yeah...)
  8. Layene Silverlight

    The Person Below Me Is...

    No, I think it was gen 3 I like... Whatever. Who gives a chocolate. The person below me likes manga.
  9. Layene Silverlight

    Create A Pokemon Food !

    Feathery Soup- make veggie soup and let a Noctowl stir it with its wings, then pop in the oven for ten minutes at about 200 degrees F and enjoy. (Assuming it's not too hot or 'Ack-choking-on-the-feathers-in-my-throat.') Honey.
  10. Layene Silverlight

    The Person Below Me Is...

    No, I'm curious to know what adventures my character Akila will go on with her two bffs in my book. The person below me likes cookies. Not just likes them, but LOVES them. Like, would kill for them.
  11. Layene Silverlight

    The Person Below Me Is...

    Don't care about stuff I don't know about. The person below me hates me.
  12. Layene Silverlight

    The Stupid Game!

    My name is RedCookie, my name is. What cookie cookie sea-foam-green brilliant-red cookie blood cookie?
  13. Layene Silverlight

    Post Your Opinions

    Re: Post Your Opinions Game CATS! Ahem. I mean, yes cats are catsy catses cats. ... Opinion on the randomness I just spewed at you people?
  14. Layene Silverlight

    Runescape RP

    I'm interested. Not only have I been wishing forever to get back into roleplaying, I am a crazed Runescapian and actually have a story based off my Runescpe-OC person. Not my character, actually. But she isn't exactly human, you see... And it might be considered sort of cheap what she is...
  15. Layene Silverlight

    The Person Below Me Is...

    No, I'll be an atheist about everything. FF is Fanfiction.net, by the way. The person below me (has heard of/likes/hates/fangirls over(any of these really)) the song Overrated, by Less Than Jake.
  16. Layene Silverlight

    Post Your Opinions

    Re: Post Your Opinions Game I have a policy of not having opinions on things I haven't seen/got a trusted source for info on. Your opinion on fanfiction?
  17. Layene Silverlight

    The Person Below Me Is...

    Only: 1. With my friends or 2. When no one is around and my bedroom door is locked. With my chair shoved against it. The person below me has an account on FF.
  18. Layene Silverlight

    Antisocial's sprite shop!

    ... Wow. Something SNL-related! Cool! I love them. (Oh and if you're wondering about why I'm posting here, I stalk every sprite thread on the first page.(Actually I just hate seeing the 'New' signs and then start looking at stuff so they go away.)) I think they're drawn well, though you're...
  19. Layene Silverlight

    The Person Below Me Is...

    Too bad at art to even consider making one. (Translation: Too insecure about how much people will laugh to make one.) The person below me went to a party within the last week.
  20. Layene Silverlight

    What would you do for a...

    Give up three or four normal, level 45 or so Darkrai. What would you do for a life worth living?