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  1. Layene Silverlight

    Life As A Misfit

    Okay, okay, okay, swallowing fear and posting some of my (crappy) writing here... Please point out any flaws you notice. But try to be as nice as possible because, I admit it, I have a tendency to brush off mean criticism as just meanies and also get overly upset at it sometimes. Please don't...
  2. Layene Silverlight

    Crazy (Tor)chics' Sprite Stall

    Hello! Since I couldn't find a rule anywhere that said this wasn't allowed I'm going to make it... Hopefully I didn't overlook anything... If I did, feel free to lock this or ban me or whatever. Anyway, this is my sprite thread! But not just mine! Aquana's too! See, we're BFFS. I mean it...