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  1. _Umbreon_

    When it rains, it pours. (18+) Discussion

    https://pokecharms.com/threads/when-it-rains-it-pours-18.16462/ Link to the original post. Rules are on the original post If anyone would enjoy a more thorough description, of the cerulean city in this universe, please let me know. I think it's very lack luster Essentially the city is in a...
  2. _Umbreon_

    Ask to Join When it rains, it pours. (18+)

    The city, was always dismal, it seemed. It neither mattered where it was, or what it was called. It was always raining. And so the city was named Cerulean, after the gem that was very much representative of water. And so the city began. First it was a town, and then it spread, larger and...
  3. _Umbreon_

    This isn't right. (A Steven Universe Rp)

    Hello! This is a Steven Universe Sign up for a rp ill be making. Romance is allowed but please follow all rules. This is also a detailed rp, meaning more than a paragraph. Please follow all rules and enjoy! Character sign ups and starter intro below~ (Also keep in mind, no hybrids, or male gems...
  4. _Umbreon_

    Open W4TCH D0GS

    Jackdaw sat at the bar drinking his shot. The bar itself was located in a shadier part of Chicago. Several Gangs had patrolled the Area before Jackdaw. He broke out in a freezing/hot sweat, his hands shaking as he put a clip into his Silenced 1191. He stood up firing a few shots into the...
  5. _Umbreon_

    Ask to Join Obedience School

    (If you are not @EspeonTheBest Or @Frisk please message me on my profile if you would like to participate.) (Please use Moderately sized Pokemon. No Aggrons or Nidokings. All Forum rules apply) (Canine or Feline Pokemon only) Rye watched as his Flareon tore the house apart bit by bit. Whether...
  6. _Umbreon_

    XY/ORAS Umbreons Battle Thread!

    Obviously this is a thread for battling. Keep random posts off of this thread please.anyways if you decide to battle feel free to message on this board as were battling. I do 1 on 1s single, double, and triple battles, as well as rotation. ~Umbreon Eastern standard time
  7. _Umbreon_

    Private/Closed (12+) The Daycare

    (@Frisk @EspeonTheBest @NightRaven @Twilight Nova @Eeveechu151 ) (Warning viewer descretion is advised.) It all started one day, when a trainer figured out that if you breed to Pokemon, you could make it stronger. And then a series of events occurred as to which now the world we live in today...
  8. _Umbreon_

    Survival Of The Fittest (Ask to join)

    (Unless I have tagged you, Ask to Join) ( @EspeonTheBest @NightRaven @Eeveechu151 @Frisk @Twilight Nova @Emerelda) (Pokemon only please! Pokemon do eat eachother in this Rp.) Current Role Players! @_Umbreon_ : Umbreon (Nocturne) @Eeveechu151 : Eevee and Jolteon @EspeonTheBest : Espeon (Ina)...
  9. _Umbreon_

    The Abandonded

    (Please Ask to join) (@EspeonTheBest ) (@BoltTheJolteon ) (@Twilight Nova ) (@NightRaven ) (@Blackened Flare ) (No killing Humans or killing Pokemon, I'm looking at you Jolteon.) It began to pour as the Eevee crawled through the rain seeking shelter in the large city. He had been born only a...
  10. _Umbreon_

    Private/Closed The Festival Of Eternal Eve's

    (@EspeonTheBest @Shadewing @Twilight Nova ) ( Any Pokemon that is smaller than a Elephant please. I'm looking at you Wailord. ;) ) (Ask on my profile to join) The Umbreon strode through the festival gates with such a manner you might have thought he owned it. Sad to say he didn't. But that...
  11. _Umbreon_

    Private/Closed Warriors:The Valley

    (If you are not @EspeonTheBest , @Twilight Nova , @NightRaven . Please do not join without asking, send me a pm first!) (This Roleplay you start out as Kits and grow into warriors! Obviously you are allowed to control other characters and such. Timeskips will be used.) After the clans moved...
  12. _Umbreon_

    Private/Closed Warriors: From Dusk Til' Dawn(Ended)

    ( This might be a open RP, but for now it is Private. If You are not @EspeonTheBest , @TwilightNova , @Stelluna , @pikapal forever , @Eeveechu151, @NightRaven , Or @JacobRaze, please do not post. You may be a "Leader of a Clan" a Medicine Cat, A Warrior, a Queen (A She Cat who is currently...
  13. _Umbreon_

    Private/Closed The Snowy Glacier

    (Please ask to join) The Eevee ran through the snow, the cold powdery substance biting at his paws as he ran from the Mightyena who was trying to eat him. It began to snow even harder as he scrambled for footing on the Icy terrain. "Get over here so I can EAT YOU!" bellowed the Mightyena as he...
  14. _Umbreon_

    Private/Closed The Shelter

    "Permision to investigate area, 3204?" Rye asked throught his Walkie Talkie. "Permission granted 2194." Said a voice back through the Walkie talkie. Rye stepped out of his police car, branding a Pistol. He hoped he would never have to use it, but due to the increase of Illegal modification...
  15. _Umbreon_

    Scout's Request Feed!

    If you want to request something, please do not make it over the top, 10 days to finish it. Rules: Do not ask for spriting, or user bars, however I will do Avatars, and I will do just random requests. I will also list the current project I'm working on down here, and tell you how much is...
  16. _Umbreon_

    Private/Closed The Shadows Lurk

    (This is a story about an Umbreon and how he has been neglected and been abused, and how he finds light in the world after evey thing that is bad has happened.) (This story also has no humans! Pokeomn only, sorta like Mystery Dungeon Games!) The Umbreon walked through the down pour. Another...