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  1. Foxex

    Private/Closed Becoming a Legendary Hero (RP)

    The final day of the recruitment fair had finally came to a close at noon. The sun shone brightly in the sky but the heat was not overbearing, a gentle breeze blows consistently, cool and light. There were still quite a number of people around talking to some of the remaining recruiters, though...
  2. Foxex

    Private/Closed Becoming a Legendary Hero (SU&D)

    Hello peoples, I’ve been wanting to post an RP about a long-term passion project that I’ve been working on since I was back in middle school, it’s a story I’ve been writing and I think would be a great RP setting and also as something that can evolve it in ways I would have never thought of. The...
  3. Foxex

    Ask to Join The Battle Spire S1

    Discussion/Apply: Here @EeviumZ @ThatJustin’sASpy! @TheWanderer @soxterluna @Frontier Master @itsgarrett_31 @ThanosCar_The_Inevitable @Condor @Merciless Medic ~~~~~ Greetings Trainer! In recognition of your accomplishments and achievements within the higher tiers of competitive battling, it is...
  4. Foxex

    Ask to Join The Battle Spire is active and looking for competitors! (Sign Ups/Discussion)

    Veritas Island Home of the Battle Spire, has sent out their invitations! RP Thread Here About: What is there for trainers after the Elite 4 and the Champions? The Battle Frontier? Battle Tower? Battle Tree? There is only one place you can hope to go, Veritas Island. For those lucky enough and...