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  1. Draco Gengar

    Other Possible Battle Royal Breakthrough?

    I would just like to note that this strategy wouldn't probably work against humans players and i'm doubtful that it could work against the AI but i'm sharing this anyway because I think it could really help people. So in the beginning I used the Swords Dance/Explosion Sivally strategy but i ran...
  2. Draco Gengar

    S/M/US/UM Draco Gengar's Trade Thread

    Ok so now that I have finished my Alolan Pokedex and received the shiny charm the real trading can begin. I live in Moutain Standard Time Zone and I am available from 11:32am to 12:14pm. I am also available at other times depending on if I'm with my dad or my mom. First off I have a lv. 66...
  3. Draco Gengar


    This is a Role Play that ANYONE can join in and have fun. In this Role Play ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN just as long as you follow these rules. Rule #1- the story can never end (if someone does just over power the ending and keep on going) Rule #2- If violence is needed make it silly like instead of...
  4. Draco Gengar

    What Makes a Pokemon a Legendary

    Legendary Pokémon all used to have 3 major things in common with them. 1. they were the one and only member of its species 2. they seemed to have been there since the beginning of time (or for a whole long time) and 3. They NEVER evolved. Over the years though these rules seem to have been...
  5. Draco Gengar

    Hacked Pokemon?

    How can you tell if a Pokemon is Hacked & how does it effect your game?
  6. Draco Gengar

    Inspiration for Fellow Artists & Authors

    Ever wanted to draw but don't know what to draw? Ever wanted to write but didn't know what to write. Well the good news is that I've been coming up with really good ideas lately and instead of keeping them to myself, I'm going to share them with all of you. Then when you finish, post it on...
  7. Draco Gengar

    Shiny Pokemon Breeding

    Ok, I got a two questions. 1st Question: For the masuda method to work do you need a pokemon from your country to breed with another (example 1) or just two different countries (example 2) Example1: Your an American American Pikachu breed with Japanese Pikachu Example 2: Your an American...
  8. Draco Gengar

    Other I don't see, haven't heard, and can't say a way to beat Battle Subway

    So I want to create a team using Simisage, Simisear, and Simipour in my White2 game to beat the Battle Subway and the PWT but I'm not 100% sure on the moves I want them to know so I thought that I would ask and see if anybody had any advice to give. Some basic facts about these critters is that...
  9. Draco Gengar

    Friday the 13th

    How did your Friday the 13th go for you? Was it amazing, creepy, super unlucky? Post your stories here and read some other peoples adventures. Oh yeah and Good Luck, you're gonna need it.
  10. Draco Gengar

    Zangoose v.s. Seviper

    This feud seems to have been going since the beginning of time. Zangoose ( The Cat Ferret Pokemon) is a normal type that uses its claws and agility to take down its foes. Seviper ( The Fang Snake Pokemon ) is a poison type uses it poisonous fangs and its special venomous Blade-like tail to leave...