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  1. bioaura

    Secret bases QR codes Exchange ORAS

    This is a thread I made for fellow charmsians who want to share their secret base. Some info that you could include for easier finding would be: -Route or location where the base is. -Details on where it is.(Optional since you can just search it on the Areanav) -The pokemon that are in the base...
  2. bioaura

    XY/ORAS Bioaura's Shiny and MStone Wishlist

    Well this is a thread I made to see if someone has and wants to trade shiny pokemon that i particularly love. Dont care about EVs and or IVs so don't worry :p. My FC is: 0173-2623-3115. And im currently accepting offers so check the pokemon im trading. You can PM me or write your offer in the...