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    Private/Closed Gunpla Battle [1v1]

    Hello. This is a private thread for myself and Toru to test out our new Gunpla in the style of the more recent Gundam anime. With any luck, I've wiped off my rust and we'll put on a good show for any readers. I'm going to skip the start of the day to cut to the chase somewhat, as we're playing...
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    XY/ORAS Singles My attempt at a Team

    My first properly competitive team with some aid from Ruko. Looking for general tips of improvement on this or any tips at all, really. For use online and in local tourneys. Hildegard (Gardevoir) @ Gardevoirite Ability: Synchronize EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd Modest Nature - Hyper Voice -...
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    On Our Way With A Smile [Private RP]

    Hello, members of Cactus Jack. Welcome to our first and super casual RP. We have prior discussed our characters and their details so as such I will place their profiles in this thread and allow details not yet recorded to lie as we already have them in mind. I will handle internal affairs as...
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    Cactus Jack - An FFVIII RP

    Click Me For Info! Needs to Post Chadwyck / Violet ------ Nothing was normal today, not to anyone. Tension hung as thick as fog in the air with both instructors barking out orders more harshly and the students jittering on the edge of nerves. Not even the sweet smell of flowers in the summer...
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    [Private] Distant Fates

    Permitted RPers Shiny Myself - Sorry anyone who thought to jump in on this, I'm afraid this is our little encounter for now. x3 - It'd been so long. Even with coat wrapped tightly about himself and hood tugged up over his head, this cold was something he'd not had the fortune of in some time...
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    Cactus Jack Discussion & Info

    Click Me For The RP! Announcement: RP is Currently Closed! Reworking this RP for reopening. Welcome! Please, look around. I would appreciate if all roleplayers took the time to read the various sections featured in this thread! Please consider this a reference and discussion hub. ---- UPDATE...
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    Lollipop Flavoured Tales

    This will essentially be a slowly growing collection of random stories and inspirations sparked in my head by whatever I might be doing at the time or even just because of pondering something. Some will have the time and world defined but some others will just jump on in. Apple Flavoured -...
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    Vote For Karu's 3rd Pokemon!

    Hello and thank anyone and everyone for voting, posting or even just looking! ^^ The reason this is here is because while in the chat, I was faced with the dilemma and suggestion of a need for a water type plus the small pokemon party. So I obviously movd to here and asked the community for...