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  1. Rex

    Private/Closed THE ETERNAL POKEMON

    Long did we live in this cave. All thanks to the powerful Pokemon living beside us. Yet… We sealed that Pokemon away. Alone in the dark. We feared it. … If you have the courage. If you still hold to hope. Open the door, for beyond it… The Eternal Pokemon awaits… --- It was another day in the...
  2. Rex

    Private/Closed Cloaked in Myth

    This is a private RP. The people in it know who they are. Another Digimon RP from the old people crew. In a world not unlike our own, a new VR technology has swept the world. Known as HOMEROS, it allows people all over the world to come together, and with hundreds of servers dedicated to...
  3. Rex

    Private/Closed THE ETERNAL POKEMON

    Private RP. Those of you who are in it know who you are. Many years ago, the Greater Mauville Holding company, in partnership with Devon Corporation, Altru Inc., and Mauville City Gym Leader Wattson, launched an ambitious project. Designed to recreate Infinity Energy, the power behind the...
  4. Rex

    Ask to Join Time Ran Out (Marvel Comics)

    "The Multiverse was destroyed!" "The Heroes of Earth were powerless to save it!" "Now, all that remains... is Battleworld!" When the Final Incursion destroyed the Multiverse, Victor von Doom was elsewhere. Using the power of many alternate versions of Owen Reece, the Molecule Man, Doom...
  5. Rex

    Home bar duplicating.

    Seems to happen pretty reliably when I scroll down, then back up. The second home bar disappears when I scroll down again, or I can scroll past it if I've scrolled down far enough.
  6. Rex

    Let's Pathfinder: "The Lost City of Barakus"

    Of course, that's only one of the many adventurers that await players in and around the city of Endhome. Barakus is a very long campaign, designed to be started with first level characters. It will be my first time GMing a Tabletop game, though I can thank @Dwayna DragonFire for her help and...
  7. Rex

    When Time Stops

    You are a Keeper for the most important clock in the entire world, perhaps even the entire universe. Powered by the five Time Gears, from this clock atop its mighty tower, time flows ever forwards. In this position, you are subordinate to Dialga itself. You work with a small group, among the...
  8. Rex

    Seven Artifacts of the New World

    Ancient legends speak of seven wondrous treasures located far across the ocean. These treasures grant their owner power beyond their wildest dreams. For the longest time, they were believed to be nothing more than fairy tales. A land across the ocean, filled with legendary artifacts...
  9. Rex

    Private/Closed The Elder Scrolls: Ambition

    (@Rex, @Shocari, @Brendan Savem, @FalChromiforme, @Kerauno. Contact me on chat or by PM with any questions, comments, concerns, or changes you have.) Reeh-Zeeus stepped on the boat to Solstheim to the glare of several nearby Dunmer. This was to be expected, after all, he was Saxhleel, Argonian...
  10. Rex

    The Elder Scrolls: Ambition (Working title!)

    It is Fourth Era, 201, and the world of Tamriel is experiencing great upheaval. Civil War in the Third Empire, broken down to its last three Provinces - High Rock, Skyrim, and Cyrodiil herself - has taken all of the country's attention. The Nords of Skyrim demand independence, and the right to...
  11. Rex

    Private/Closed Distorted Cityscape

    (OoC: This RP is Private, only @Tailon, @Kyubeon, and myself (@Rex) may post in it.) BiC: If Shaun had to guess, it was just past noon when the city finally came into view. The sun was high in the sky, though the thick canopy of the forest they had been travelling through obscured most of the...
  12. Rex

    RED vs. BLUE - A Minecraft CrackPack Rivalry

    Teapot's not the only person revamping Minecraft on 'Charms, Tailon and myself have also been working hard to bring Modded Minecraft back to you. We are now pleased to announce the Unofficial Pokecharms CrackPack Community! The idea for this server borrows heavily from the MindCrack...
  13. Rex

    Distorted Cityscape

    Now then, let's be a bit clearer. This is a PMD RP. We have ourselves a failing Exploration Guild, that of Blairsville. A small fishing town, Blairsville was once the center of the push westward into a new continent. For many years, it thrived. However, as the edge of the know world pushed...
  14. Rex

    The Rose War

    Late Middle Ages. The Fortunes of the Kingdom of Alorum have turned south. Two years ago, a century long war with the kings of Kalos ended with their defeated. Fortunes seemed to turn in an instant when the King Heiner III ascended to the throne following the sudden death of his father, Heiner...
  15. Rex

    Let's Learn to Role Play!

    So I've seen recently that a lot of you guys have been trying to start a role play, only for one of two things to happen. Either, nobody joins, or, one of the staff has to shut it down because it's not up to standard, or rules were not followed. So I thought that I'd try and help out...
  16. Rex

    Global Link Closures

    Update for our Global Link users. Effective Tuesday, October 1st, from 3:00am, the Pokemon Global Link will be closed for extended maintenance. This closure is in effect until Saturday, October 12th, though the exact time is still to be determined. While the Global Link is closed, you will not...
  17. Rex

    IGN Leaks new Pokemon Design

    Slight mistake at IGN has resulted in the leak of another new Pokémon. The leaked files name the Pokémon "Pyroar." So far, that's all we know about this Pokémon, though given its name and similar color scheme, it's almost certainly a Fire Type evolution for Litleo. More information will be...
  18. Rex

    Digimon RP Reboot

    So Tailon has been working on this for a while, and I've been helping him here and there. We figure we're just about ready to create a new and improved Digimon RP! So, I'll be setting up this discussion topic where we can throw ideas back and forth and work out our characters. This RP is...
  19. Rex

    New Trailer, English Names and More!

    The fifth Gameplay Trailer for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y has been released, and alongside it various English names and gameplay features have been revealed to us thanks to the official Pokémon site. Read More
  20. Rex

    July CoroCoro Leak!

    The latest CoroCoro leak has been quite kind to us in terms of new information. New Pokemon, new Trainers, and just a few Type reveals as our October release date comes closer and closer. Read More