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  1. FalChromiforme

    Impossible/No Thanks Music Corner?

    I was wondering if, in some future update to the creative corner, there could be an option to add Audio files to the creative corner. Just little songs I wrote and sung myself/made on my Launchpad. In addition to this, would song arrangements/mashups be OK as long as I cited previous owner and...
  2. FalChromiforme

    XY/ORAS Aurora's Sneasel Service

    SERVICE ERROR: AS=AWOL. WILL RE-OPEN LATER. AURORA IS SORRY FORINCONVENIENCE Alright, since I've been trying to breed a shiny sneasel and failing, I have soooo many sneasels I've decided to start a business. I can get you almost any kind of sneasel besides, of course, shiny. Name the gender...
  3. FalChromiforme

    Tales of Roleplaying-Join in!

    Asbel stared up at the sky, waiting for something to happen. After going on an adventure . . . nothing else felt the same. He fingered his sword, wondering what to do next. The fields of Llhant Hill swept peacefully in the wind. Suddenly, 14 glowing orbs appeared out of the air. Asbel jumped up...
  4. FalChromiforme

    XY/ORAS Singles Let's Go . . . Another Team

    My official competitive team . . . up for refinement (sheer force) Nidoking @ life orb -earth power -flamethrower -Thunderbolt -ice beam (defeatist) Archeops @ no item -stealth rock -acrobatics -crunch -dragon Breath (scrappy) exploud @ assault vest -boomburst -crunch -incinerate (or hyper...
  5. FalChromiforme

    XY/ORAS Singles Another team

    A team I have formulated that can actually be used! 1. (sheer force) Nidoking @ life orb 1. surf 2. Flamethrower 3. focus blast 4. Earthquake 2. Gogoat @ leftovers 1. Earthquake 2. Bulk up 3. surf 4. Milk drink 3. Charizard @ charizardite y 1. Solarbeam 2. Flamethrower 3.Focus blast 4...
  6. FalChromiforme

    XY/ORAS Singles Another Team

    I am creating a second team for pokemon y-hopefully better than last time. 1.) Charizard @ charizardite Y -solarbeam -flamethrower -fire blast -Dragon Pulse 2.) Mantine @ no item -bounce -hydro pump -roost -air slash 3.) Noivern @ Life Orb -boomburst -moonlight -hurricane -dragon pulse...
  7. FalChromiforme

    XY/ORAS Singles Pokemon Y team

    I need a little bit of help refining this team- Ninjask w/ king's rock -False Swipe -Giga Drain -Silver wind -Mud slap Exploud w/leftovers -solarbeam -boomburst -smellingsalts -flamethrower Charizard w/charzardite Y -flamethrower -stone edge -dragon claw -rock slide Grumpig w/king's rock...