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  1. Splashfur

    Peridot's 2017 writing contest!

    Art contests are everywhere. So I was thinking, and I thought, 'why not a writing contest?' So here we are. This contest will be held in rounds. Each round has different requirements. One person will be eliminated each round. I'm going to make three rounds. If more people join, I'll add more...
  2. Splashfur

    Ask to Join Pokémon Adventure

    You must talk in the past-tense. Sign up first! https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-adventure-sign-ups.16842/#post-464006
  3. Splashfur

    Pokémon Adventure sign-ups

    So basically you're a trainer on an adventure. Here's the form for your character: Name: Gender: Age: Personality: Appearance: Main Pokémon: Other Pokémon(limit 6 including main): Trainer level(still in school, just out of school, beginner, seasoned, master, champion): Other info(optional)...
  4. Splashfur

    Let's promote Pokécharms writing!

    We promote Pokécharms writing by not posting art from June 4 to june 10! Only writing! If you join, write #writeforaweek on your profile! Maybe even on your profile picture! Anyway, this is so Pokécharms writers can get more likes. I mean, it's just unreal comparing likes writers get to likes...
  5. Splashfur

    Peridot's 2017 art challenge!

    So for this art challenge, you must draw a legendary with an unevolved starter Pokémon. (Say which 2 Pokémon you're using, we don't want any repeated matchups) Judges(we need 2 people): - Me - Make sure you tag me in the description of your art. Say why you chose the Pokémon you chose. Due by...
  6. Splashfur

    Warrior Cats: Legends of SkyClan

    WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. DO NOT JOIN IF YOU HAVE NOT READ Firestar's Quest. And possibly SkyClan's Destiny. It wouldn't hurt to read SkyClan and the Stranger, too. I'm making another Warriors rp. So basically this rp is only SkyClan cats, which means if you haven't read Firestar's...
  7. Splashfur

    Why did you join?

    Why did you join 'Charms, and/or how did you find out about it? For me, I was Googleing (is that how it's spelled?) "Pokémon trainer maker" and one of the ones that came up was the trainer card maker on this site. I clicked it and it didn't work because I didn't have an account yet. I looked at...
  8. Splashfur

    Ask to Join Starter Pokémon

    You are a starter Pokémon. Unevolved. You evolve in the rp. One person for each Pokémon. If the one you want is taken, pick a different one. Kanto Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle *reserved* Johto Chikorita Cyndaquil Totodile Hoenn Treecko @TeamPlasmaAdminLazuli Torchic Mudkip Sinnoh Turtwig...
  9. Splashfur

    Ask to Join Warrior Cats

    *Finally* Sign up here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/warrior-cats-sign-ups.16301/ When posting, at the top, say where you are and what time of day. Examples Fourtrees, night. The Gathering. WindClan camp, day. Rules: No being a god (seriously injuring a cat with one blow or healing a rabbit...
  10. Splashfur

    Warrior Cats sign ups

    Heyyyy, fellow Warrior Cats fans! And welcome to my Warrior Cats Roleplay! Rp is here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/warrior-cats.16512/ Here are the cats we need: ThunderClan: Leader: @MagicalRedwood Deputy @BridgetLilly_00 Medicine Cat @DiamondPikachu Warriors: @Peridot!!! @Stormursa...
  11. Splashfur

    Ask to Join Town of Eeveelutions

    Romance? Yes. Dragons? Yes. Magic items that give you magic powers? Yes. Sign up here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/town-of-eeveelutions-joining.15686/#post-401567 Jo was swimming in the pond in the forest at the edge of town. The water tempurature was fine, but after swimming for a while...
  12. Splashfur

    Town of Eeveelutions joining

    A RP about a town of Eeveelutions. Romance? YES Dragons? TOTALLY Magic items? YOU BETCHA. Can your OCs be magic? YES, PLEASE. You can be any of these(there can be more than one, and you can be all sorts of colors, eg. A Blue Eevee) Eevee @StevenUniverseDiamond Shiny Eevee Vaporeon @Midnight...
  13. Splashfur

    Private/Closed You are a Pokémon in Kanto

    Rules: -No Cussing or Romance -No Z-Moves, Fake-mons or Megas -Send me your profile in a Private Message -No OOC talk -Only rp with your Pokémon -You are a Pokémon, not trainer. -Kanto Pokémon ONLY -Your profile must be in this form: Pokémon: Gender: Personality: Likes: Dislikes: Personal...