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  1. Hotshot14380

    Scavenger Hunt

    Ok... This is how it works. From (almost) everywhere on this site, find a sentence or two, quote it, and provide a hint for where to find it. When someone does find it, tell where and then repeat the process! Rules Not to difficult that it takes forever to find, and not to easy it's found...
  2. Hotshot14380

    Private/Closed The Heart of The Volcano

    (Discussion/sign up here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-heart-of-the-volcano.18373/#post-554396) "Of all the people who could have been picked for this suicide mission... I just had to be one of them," Zack complained as he walked down the hall towards the prep room. He had been thinking...
  3. Hotshot14380

    Private/Closed The Heart of The Volcano (Discussion)

    So, I haven't seen many RP's I've been into lately, so I figured I'll start one myself. Sorry if it's terrible. Anyway, here's the plot, yada yada yada. Ok, so... Essentially it's the apocalypse. For the last couple years strange creatu- monsters, have been invading and attacking cities around...
  4. Hotshot14380

    Private/Closed Journey Through Kanto RP

    ( Sign ups here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/journey-through-kanto-sign-up-discussion.17847/ ) Zack woke up to the unforgettable sound of his arch nemesis, the alarm clock. He practically dragged himself out of bed, went over to the table, and smashed on the off button as hard as he could...
  5. Hotshot14380

    Private/Closed Journey Through Kanto (Sign Up/Discussion)

    Ok. I suck at making RP's so bare with me here. Alright, so essentially you're about to start your journey throughout the kanto region, meet friends, collect badges, catch pokemon, yada yada yada. It's your first day officially becoming a pokemon trainer, even if you already have a pokemon of...
  6. Hotshot14380

    Private/Closed Hoenn League Tournament

    Ok here it is! Find the signup page here, also be sure to post ideas for the RP here too! https://pokecharms.com/threads/hoenn-league-tournament-sign-up.16833/page-2#post-464681 "Phew, we finally made it Ace, the Hoenn League," Zack said as he stretched his limbs. It was a really long fly on...
  7. Hotshot14380

    Private/Closed Hoenn League Tournament Sign Up

    Alright, so obviously this is the Hoenn League RP sign ups, (Or the Ever Grande Conference, whatever) with a few modified things. One thing is that the preliminaries, and qualifying rounds are skipped. This is only because of the massive amount of people necessary, and the compilation of double...
  8. Hotshot14380

    Private/Closed Adventure In The Orared Region

    I just recently came up with this region, and though It would be fun to test with, and see if it's actually any good. :p Character Sheets: Name: Age: Appearance Gender: Likes: Dislikes: Rules: PG-13 3rd-person, past tense Paragraphed messages (if that's a word) Legendaries are for really far in...