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  1. SquirtleLover

    Artist needed!

    Hey there :) I am looking for someone who can make artwork based on sprites that I made myself. This artwork should feauture just that Pokemon like it looks on the sprite, with just a transparant background. Here is an example of such a sprite: Please let me know as soon as possible if you...
  2. SquirtleLover

    Squirtle's Fusions Shop

    Hey there :) I decided to do some requests for Fusions! If you want a Fusion made for you, just tell me below. Please bear in mind that, because I am also a human being, the things I make take time, and because I have (believe it or not) a life, it might take even more time. I have the right...
  3. SquirtleLover

    What will become of Ash's Noibat?

    I think some of you already knew that Ash has caught a Noibat. His Hawlucha found its egg, and brought it to Ash. When it hatched, there where some problems, but in the end of the episode, Ash caught it. Now is the question, will Noibat stay in Ash's Kalos party, or will it be released? And if...
  4. SquirtleLover

    Which Pokémon will be Ash's grass type for Kalos?

    Hello guys! As you all know, Ash caught a grass type in every region he has been too. Bulbasaur in Kanto, Bayleef in Jotho, Sceptile in Hoenn, Torterra in Sinnoh, and Snivy in Unova. But in Kalos, he still needs to catch one. So, what do you guys think? Which Pokémon will Ash catch for his...