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  1. L3anshark

    Your favourite Pokemon

    Besides Sharpedo, I'd say my favorite is... either Sandslash or Haxorus. I like chopping things.
  2. L3anshark

    Official Shiny Pokemon Thread

    Okay, I got 11 shinies. Ever. My first one was in SoulSilver when i was going to Ecruteak to fight Morty. Going through the grass and there he was, a shiny Pidgey. Then I started breeding Eevees until i got a Adamant one (so i could train a competitive Leafeon) and I eventually got 2 shiny...
  3. L3anshark

    Your favourite Pokemon

    Sharpedo! I always ran through RSE with one, it looks savage, (not my fav mega though) And it was the first Pokemon I ever got to Lv 100 and maxed the EVs, too! Even better my favorite villian, Archie had one, too.
  4. L3anshark

    Favourite Legendary?

    Hmm.... Moltres! That one legendary nobody chooses. I transferred a lvl 50 one with no Evs to B/w and devastated everything with it. Also it makes me think of fried chicken Yea ur right. Lunaala looks like it could wr3ck a lot
  5. L3anshark