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    Favourite Legendary?

    Someone else who doesn't like Pikachu?! Finally. I thought I was the only one.
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    Open Undertale: The new Arrivals

    Monsters have started randomly appearing, and that's all the Original Characters we'll be playing as. Bring your characters, and post character sheets if you want. It's only against the rules when we start.
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    Favourite Legendary?

    My favorite legendary is Victini because when I was new to pokemon, it was the first legendary I knew about.
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    The Person Below Me

    No, but I am freaking out because I saw Papyrus. The person below me is spaghetti.
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    Just posted my first roleplay.

    Just posted my first roleplay.
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    Open Pokemon Escape

    Not all Pokemon are content with living with humans, and you're one of them. In this roleplay, you can be a Pokemon or Trainer. The maximum amount of characters is four, and before the story starts, we can discuss anything about characters that you're curious about.