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  1. Faceless

    The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread

  2. Faceless

    If you had to specialize in 1 type of Pokémon, what would you choose?

    Dark, Poison, Ground or Water. I can't pick just one...
  3. Faceless

    The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread

    "I need more people for my forum." [Singing Ayreon's "The Theory of Everything" inside my head]
  4. Faceless

    What was your biggest pokemon fail?

    1. Somehow losing my 100% Gold and Sapphire Version. 2. Trading away a shiny Vileplume via GTS on Diamond. 3. Catching Primal Kyogre in a Masterball because I didn't bring enough supplies. 4. Having a desire to restart my AS File because of #3. 5. Redoing every Personality Quiz on Sky because...
  5. Faceless

    What Pokémon do you think needs a Mega Evolution?

    Dunsparce. Luxray. Golem. Machamp. Mightyena.
  6. Faceless

    New Member Introductions

    My name is Faceless. I am a writer, roleplayer, gamer, and work as a janitor at a lovely little place called Royal Farms. I'm primarily on a roleplay forum where I am Co-Admin and player. You can find me there, but... I came here to try my hand at making Trainer Cards and the like.
  7. Faceless