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  1. xnicktheGamerx

    It's about minecraft..

    I did try it, I used the minecraft link.
  2. xnicktheGamerx

    It's about minecraft..

    I tried it, but it didn't work.
  3. xnicktheGamerx

    It's about minecraft..

    I have a linux computer, I decided to download the minecraft.jar and it turns out...it only opened to it's files. It didn't open to the launcher it just showed me it's files. Here's the folders: (Com) (joptsimple) (LZMA) (META-INF) (net) Favicon.png(minecraft icon picture ) Before you say...
  4. xnicktheGamerx

    First Trailer Shown For Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

    Woooah! Alright! A new mystery dungeon story!
  5. xnicktheGamerx

    Any Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 players! -Elite 4-

    I have pokemon at level 60, but i don't know if i'm ready to challenge them yet. Here they are: Cobalion Lvl 60 Thunderwave Retaliate Iron Head Sacred sword Terrakion Lvl 60 Bulldoze Retaliate Rock Slide Sacred Sword Virizion Lvl 60 Energy Ball Retaliate Giga Drain Sacred Sword Samurott Lvl...
  6. xnicktheGamerx

    Pokemon Platinum help

    I'm trying to earn coins so i can buy thunderbolt for my Zapdos but..first of all how do I earn it and what's the fastest way to earn coins?
  7. xnicktheGamerx

    Who would you want to meet?

    I'd like to meet..hmm..well i guess Red because he has caught all 150 pokemon! Well, all the pokemon in that generation. If i could meet him, i would want some of his pokemon.
  8. xnicktheGamerx

    I need some help with something!

    SWEET! Thanks Shocari!
  9. xnicktheGamerx

    I need some help with something!

    Alright: 1st left: Articuno 1st right: Zapdos 2nd left: Uxie. 2nd right: Azelf 3rd left: Empoleon 3rd right: Machamp
  10. xnicktheGamerx

    I need some help with something!

    Sure! That would be helpful! If you can, thanks!
  11. xnicktheGamerx

    I need some help with something!

    When i stroll on fourms I see tons of avatars with their pokemon in like a Hall of fame picture. If anyone knows where to create them, please let me know!
  12. xnicktheGamerx

    What Animal, or Creature would you like to see, as a Pokémon?

    Dang it I mispronounced the question!
  13. xnicktheGamerx

    Write a short paragraph about you and your favorite pokemon and you!

    There we were, me..Articuno..and Uxie. I had wrapped my arms around Uxie's skinny body. We lay on Articuno's vanilla like fur. I asked in a weak voice," Arti, do you think we might find Seth? " Articuno replied with a pitty yell. Articuno's fur slowly warmed my body. Minutes later, i drifted off...
  14. xnicktheGamerx

    Favourite Legendary?

    Either Uxie or Articuno. Both pokemon can become powerful if you level them up.
  15. xnicktheGamerx

    Post Your Trainer Card

    Protagonists of my Comic, well something i work on in my free time, are: Flynn, age 12, a remarkable boy who has a talent with friending legendary pokemon. Logan, age 20, Logan loves to catch wild legendaries to use as best friends..not fights. June, age 17 & Flynn's older sister, she leveled...