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    The Hurt & Heal Game: Pokemon Anime Cast Edition

    #1 Gotta love Jessie :] Ash Ketchum (Satoshi): HP 44 Misty (Kasumi): HP 67 Brock (Takeshi) : HP 22 Tracey (Kenji): HP 66 May (Haruka): HP 45 Dawn (Hikari): HP 22 Gary Oak (Shigeru): 49 Jessie (Musashi): HP 34 Heal James (Kojiro): HP 22 Meowth : HP 19 Drew (Shuu): HP 20 Zoey (Nozomi): HP 20...
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    Favorite pokemon for competitive battling

    Dunsparce. Paralyze and then cause flinching with Serene Grace. It has a very high Hp, which makes up for it's fairly low defenses, although Ev training in defense/Special Defense would fix that. It also has an average attack and a good flinching moveset, and I love the fact it only has fighting...
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    D/P/Pt is now over, what next?

    I suppose an all in one region game would be by far the best. And to fix the aspect of the facts, your main mission could be to connect computers from region to region. You could start off in the region you like, beat it, and then store your pokemon on that region's computer. Then, you travel...
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    Your best Pokémon

    In all, my Shiny Slowbro is my best pokemon. Why? Here's why: Level 50 Leftovers Hp: 198 Defense: 136 Sp. Attack: 145 Sp. defense: 134 And Attack and speed don't matter with it's moveset, which includes Slack Off.
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    Your most hated area of the pokémon games is...?

    The parts in Pokemon games I find most annoying are most definitely the massive caves. Mt. Coronet for example is probably the most annoying cave I've been in. and the route to the top was a dreadful pain. I also hate the Victory Roads, but it is realistic. I mean, a final test for trainers to...
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    Favourite Legendary Pokemon

    I don't like legendaries because they're cheap and most people use them without even training or taking their time for real pokemon. Nevertheless, I do like a few... Jirachi - Cute, nice design, and the stats aren't overloaded or anything. Shaymin - Same reason as above. Some legendaries are...