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    Where in the Pokemon World would you want to live?

    i'd love to live in Kanto, on Cinnabar Island. I'm a fire-pokémon lover, so Cinnabar is perfect, but I also love the ocean and swimming (which is good, seeing as I live on an island in real life!). Altough I might have to watch out for the Missigno.s when swimming near the coast...:)
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    Do you, in real life, follow clothing trends?

    Not at all. I have two identical pairs of black cargo trousers that are the only trousers I wear. I have a small collection of 5 t-shirts (2 black with wolves, 1 white with wolves, 1 blue geeky one and 1 dark grey 'vegesaurus' t-shirt) which I rotate every weekend. A bandanna (black), boots...
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    word association game

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    Your most hated area of the pokémon games is...?

    I absolutely hate the D/P Victory Road. I'm currently, and reluctantly, going in for the third time. This is because I a) got lost and b) didn't have high enough levels. I can understand having a final challenge for trainers but when you encounter Pokémon of higher levels than you and run out of...