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    The Nemesis Generation: Complete!

    I love the last evolved form of each of them I'm not to fond of Turmolta though. I wish they would put the last form of Turmolta in a game though I would love to catch it :).
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    My Sprite Gallery

    Very interesting combinations. I like all of the pokemon fusion. I have a question though why is that guys hair changing colors? Also for the tentacruel fusion I think you used mew two instead of mew because of the arms and the big tail I like how you fused it with scyther though.
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    weirdest thing you've done?

    When I was little I would play dress up with my sister I had a sparkly skirt on with a matching purse, shirt, and hat. Also my brother was bothering me so I pulled out a coat hanger from under a bed and hit him with it. He just said "What the heck," then we started laughing for over 20 minutes...
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    Sami's Actually-Counts-As-Art Thread

    Wow I mean wow those are just amazing. You did an awsome job shading. I love how they are unreal creature i find regular animal sort of boring. That artwork is better then anything I'll probably ever draw. I'm still gonna take art classes though.
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    Does anyone know how to get the Heavens Pipe???

    Either you have to hack for it, you could've got it from a nintendo event I missed it sadly.
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    How to Chain, Step by Step

    Wow that helps alot. It took me about 5 days just to find out how to get the poke-radar.
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    More of Rey's Art

    I would say that is very good better then anything I could ever make. Also I just love the linkachu picture.
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    Sprites by me!!

    I also think the pictures are fuzzy. Also Secad nice work on The Love Demon Strikes. The pictures are about a 7 out of 10 despite the fuzziness.
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    Favourite Legendary Pokemon

    Mewtwo I think he looks so cool. I expecially liked him when he was in his armor. I also love all pokemon who can use shadow ball and ghost type moves. He is very destructive and the easiest legendary pokemon to catch. I just wish I had him in Pokemon Diamond.
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    Obama might make school longer

    ok bye when I first made this topic i expected to see more people against it, but instead its just getting me in trouble bye.
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    Obama might make school longer

    I don't want to be a politician anyways. Ok since it sounds like a bad thing erasing this topic I won't. Probably going to be sent to the noob realm anyways *sighs*.
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    Obama might make school longer

    Well im gonna stop talking before I get myself in big trouble. I'm gonna remove this topic should I it is up to you guys incase you want to keep discussing this.
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    Obama might make school longer

    Eh some people say I'm crazy.
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    Obama might make school longer

    Actually I am almost a Principle Honor student. Also this isn't the first topic they have got mad at me at lol...
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    Obama might make school longer

    Well I admit I can get angry after reading comments about me being a little kid. Then I get angry act like one and then everyone ignores me. I also started running out of ideas and started typing before I knew it that why I didn't post names down. I also have to say please don't find this...
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    Obama might make school longer

    I thought you meant have better reasons why Obama shouldn't make school longer you could've been more specific. Oooo crud should've looked at your rank first sorry.
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    Obama might make school longer

    Yes sir. Also I forgot all their names by accident while typing.
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    Obama might make school longer

    OK! I know I said I was done, but that was before I read what you said. First of Canadian person only a 2 year old doesn't know where Canada is. Second guy with the link picture I never said any of those things you just said. Third what is wrong with you people more school time more homework...
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    Obama might make school longer

    Fine you win I still don't like the idea, but I've ran out of ideas.